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For example, two weeks ago my class encountered an exercise in which several tenses were revised. If the action happens in the future, they have to decide how certain the action is and then use the appropriate form. The following online quiz is in HTML5, so your students can try it out on their mobile phones while you do it on the interactive whiteboard.
You can find more exercises to practise different tenses at Five Tenses and Five Tenses additional exercises.

This article is part of the cyberwar installment of Futurography, a series in which Future Tense introduces readers to the technologies that will define tomorrow. First, they demanded that I re-explain the grammar and then they seemed really confused about what form they should use. Each month from January through June 2016, we’ll choose a new technology and break it down. To get the latest from Futurography in your inbox, sign up for the weekly Future Tense newsletter.

If the action happens in the past, they have to decide if the action was a long one or a short one and then use the appropriate tense.

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