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Sara gives you an insight into her role at NASA where she is able to combine her interests in food science and space on a daily basis whilst still maintaining her family life at home. One of the most rewarding parts of the job is publishing our work and inspiring students to see the research side of the Nutrition field. They are very supportive of my job and are always eager to learn what new things we are doing.
I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Notre Dame, and then went to the University of Florida to complete a PhD in Nutritional Sciences.
Out of the 4 seasons of the year, most of us look forward to summer the most with the promise of BBQ’s, picnics and spending time outdoors going for long walks in the sunshine to walk of those extra calories. But have you ever thought that by putting yourself through that brisk walk, you may be helping to keep certain cancers at bay? We need a certain amount of exposure to sunlight in order to produce vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones and a healthy immune system. The evidence indicates that the production of vitamin D from sun exposure works in a feedback loop that prevents toxicity, but because of uncertainty about the cancer risk from sunlight, no recommendations are issued by the Institute of Medicine for the amount of sun exposure required to meet vitamin D requirements.
To link with this we have developed a lesson plan for students to explore the use of pulleys for moving heavy objects.
A downloadable version of the video, lesson plan and student practical activity sheet are available below.
To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Bakery manager Emma Snead talks about her food science background, and explains the baking process.
To link with this we have developed a lesson plan for students to compare the effectiveness of different packaging materials for biscuits.
Tom Collins works with peope with walking problems, using his engineering skills to help understand the exact nature of their difficulty.

He works at Queen Mary’s Hospital Roehampton, which was set up as a specialist centre for the fitting of artificial limbs after the First World War. He is involved in research, tracking the progress of amputees as they go through the rehab service at Roehampton, and also some treatment as well.
I remember giving a “Hero” speech to my class and I dressed up as Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. Not quite typical, but I also get to brief astronauts on nutrition issues for their upcoming missions, on experiments we’d like them to participate in, and on their results. I finished a post-doctoral fellowship through the National Research Council in the Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory at the NASA Johnson Space Center. Try to expose yourself to your field of interest by completing internships, volunteer work, etc. It’s strange, but some researchers at the World Cancer Research Fund believe that the risk of breast, bowel and prostate cancers can be greatly decreased by performing rigorous household chores or doing a brisk walk. When you let your skin tingle with the warm sun rays, do you think about how much of the sunlight you should get and how much is harmful? Vitamin D deficiency can result in lower bone mineral density and an increased risk of bone loss (osteoporosis) or bone fracture because that lack of vitamin D has a negative effect on mineral metabolism in the body. Enjoy the sunshine but stay safe and remember to apply a high-factor sunscreen (minimum SPF 15) regularly, stick to the shade between 11am and 3pm, cover up with clothes and drink plenty of water.
It no longer treats servicemen but Roehampton still specialises in work with the rehabilitation of amputees. A tutor suggested engineering in healthcare, which offered many challenges, with lots of involvement with people and the potential to be able to help them, so he joined the clinical scientist training scheme organised by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. Functional Electrical Stimulation uses carefully placed pads on the skin to deliver brief electrical stimulation to muscles. The summer before I started university to study Nutrition, I learned that NASA had a Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory and I knew that is exactly where I wanted to be.

I also sit in Mission Control when crews are collecting blood samples on the International Space Station in case questions or issues arise. I admit that I worked longer hours – at nights and on weekends before having kids – but I know they actually help me balance my life more by working less. After 1.5 years in that position, I was hired to work in the lab and have since been promoted to be the Deputy Manager for the lab.
However, long term exposure to the sun has been widely linked to most forms of skin cancer. Most of Tom’s working day is spent in the Gait Laboratory, a big room which appears empty but actually has a range of high tech equipment, such as infrared cameras which digitise the movement of limbs as people walk through it. I was mistakenly under the impression that only engineers could work at NASA, but that is simply not true! However, getting the balance right between sun exposure and skin cancer is extremely important. It’s the same technique that was used to make Gollum so lifelike in the Lord of the Rings films. The nature of science also allows some flexibility, so I can catch up with some things via laptop, and don’t need to be at my desk on a fixed schedule, this allows me to be there for my family and get the kids to their appointments, etc. Tom records and then analyses this data, which is used to monitor peoples’ progress or inform treatment options.

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