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Are you worried that you might be slightly mentally unhinged, regardless of what the little green men who live inside your head tell you? Are you "coincidentally" finding business cards and phone numbers for mental health professionals that are being left around your house by concerned friends and family? Okay, mental health is no laughing matter, though don't tell that to the many criminally insane movie characters whose unhinged, psychotic laughter rings loudly through the halls of their gigantic evil lairs. If you're a whacko, taking a mental health quiz may be the last thing that you want to do, but a mental health quiz can help you determine just how batty you - or a friend - may be.
The mental health test below is designed to be fun and amusing, with some actually substance cleverly hidden in it - somewhere, perhaps - to tell you just how mentally unstable you are. In other words, a fun and screwy personality disorder test like the one you are about to be presented with is designed to give you an idea of how many screws are loose inside your head.
Oh, and not to mention your well known Pteronophobia (Fear of being Tickled by Feathers), your Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Fear of Friday the 13th) and last but not least your Luposlipaphobia (Fear of Being Pursued by Timber Wolves Around a Kitchen Table while Wearing Socks on a Newly-Waxed Floor).
Okay, the latter 'diagnosis' was created by Gary Larson in the Far Side comics, but we love it just the same. Don't worry, the results of the mental health test are not at all conclusive, and if you don't believe the mental health test has accurate findings, you can present the findings at the Pixie Court located in Fairyville off Toadstool Lane. The mental health test below is designed to amuse, entertain and possibly provoke you, which is why it is titled: "The Mental Health Quiz for the Mentally, Criminally, Completely, and Garden Variety Insane". All that being said, let there be a wacky note of warning for sensitive souls: If you don't approve of dark horrid humor, rude ridiculousness or possibly insulting irony, this test might not be for you! The way you do this is mental health test is to go through all the questions while noting down whether you answer A, B or C. By doing this mental health quiz, we hope you have discovered the truth or something about your mental state.
Quizzes on pages 2 and 3 make good ice breakers and can also be used for SL&C discussion prompts. Maybe your rampage is as innocent as smashing pumpkins, maybe it is as serious as drowning clowns in the water from their own trick squirting flowers. So, obviously avoiding stress is vital for your mental health, as well as the physical health of nearby pumpkins, clowns and anyone else around you who may be the first to fall victim to your stress related crimes. Taking a stress test may not be your idea of a perfect way to pass your 5 minutes of weekly relaxation, but a stress quiz may be a good way to know just how stressed you are.
When you have done this outrageous and funny test the next thing to do would be to take our senseless and silly stress questionnaire in a futile effort to help you determine just how stressed out you are (the stress questionnaire is a stress level test). Right now you absolutely need to let the stress quiz on this page help you realize that you really ARE stressed and not just suffering from slight (or serious) mental delusions as most of us do. In other words: Our stress quiz is designed to be entertaining, and we also have another page with a stress questionnaire the purpose of which is to help you understand your level of stress in a fun way. The stress questionnaire that you might take later to double check your results is called: The Insightful Stress Questionnaire Full of Questions to Help you Realize if you are Mildly, Dangerously, or Psychotically Stressed. So, we have created a third senseless stress quiz that you can use to triple check your level of stress related madness: The Tension Level Stress Quiz. The questions laid out below have no right or wrong answers, but you may find that the results of your test offer startling insight into your mental condition. You should know that stress is thought to be a common factor in insanity, and you may very well be feeling slightly, psychotically insane due to the amount of stress in your life - we mean, who doesn't? If so, perhaps this test can help illuminate the dusty corners of your mind that are clouded over by stress.
Be careful when looking at and thinking about your answer to the questions, as your eyes as well as your respiration, perspiration and heart rate are being monitored and this stress quiz may or may not be linked to a police hotline that will inform local authorities if you are about to go on a psychotic rampage.
As mentioned we have been monitoring your eye movements as well as your respiration, perspiration and heart rate (which is to HELP and PROTECT you and which has absolutely nothing to do with you letting go of your human and civil rights and your country slowly easing towards becoming a police state), and so we regret to inform you that we are noticing an increase in your stress level just from reading this page.

We only want what's best or you, so to help ease your tension for the second half of this stress quiz we are cutting down on the number of potential answers we provide you with and ask you to choose between.
Question 9  How did you handle the last traumatic event in your family, such as the death of a loved one? There are some general themes everyone can use in this kind of photo update: memories from childhood, hard Mondays and long-awaited Fridays, Internet addiction, well-known movies and games, handheld gadgets, etc. Perhaps, such a picture won’t tell much about your company or product (unless you try to tie it in). There are lots of cool images on the Web to make your fans laugh (or at least draw attention to your post in the news feed). You won’t get valid stats using such a polling method, but inviting social sharing can increase the virality of such posts. Such posts also have potential to attract new customers when seen by your fans’ friends.
Caption: Community Coffee grants 20% discount to all fans who manage to see the promo code.
Show your employees as they assemble products, meet customers, or even ask a celeb to participate.
Photos that show what happens behind the scenes are a good way to enhance brand credibility. A simple question posted as a status update may easily be ignored in the news feed, while a question presented as a photo update will attract more attention and push fans to answer it.
Try to ask your fans something general about your product or their everyday life, so that everyone could answer your question. My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how.
I think knowing the persona (personality) you are going to use for a business page helps shape your plans for photos and posts. Each Facebook fan community is different and Edgerank is always changing, but currently status posts have more reach (more people see it in their newsfeed) but typically less engagement (likes, comments, shares) than photo posts. Shares allow you to reach more people and avoid Facebook’s restrictions (Facebook restricts your reach because they want you to pay for advertising).
What do you suggest can be done for start up pages of not so big a brand to make them big on FB.
I think capitalizing on current events is a great way to engage on social media as its a sign of clever marketing which the person who is interacting with the post is aware of. 2) Hvilket sykkelritt kalles ogsa for styrkeproven?3) Hvilket nummer har tegneseriefiguren og soldaten Stomperud?4) Hvilken farge har blomstene til Markjorb?rplanten?5) Ifole gresk mytologi, hva skjedde med dem som motte blikket til Medusa?6) Hvilket grunnstoff har kjemisk symbol Ca?7) Hvilken lys Gudbrandsdalsost fra Tine har navn etter et sted i Bodo kommune?8) Hvilken fisk kalles for tryte og skjebbe?9) Hva er en jamboree?10) Hvem spiller rollen som Jack Sparrow i Pirates of the Caribbean-filmene?11) Hvilket ord pa s brukes om en avskaret plantedel som man bruker til a lage en ny plante ?12) I 1963 lanserte Freia en melkesjokolade med hasselnotter og rosiner. 1) Tromso2) Tronheim - Oslo3) 914) De er hvite-5) De ble forvandlet til stein6) Kalsium7) Tine Misv?r8) Abbor9) En internasjonal speiderleir10) Johnny Depp11) Stikling12) Fruktnott13) Fersvannsfisk14) Sesam stasjon15) Telepati16) Buskerud17) En paraply18) Kurvplantefamilien19) Prins Henrik. Fulle navn Henrik Carl Joachim Alain20) Moskva.
Do you completely understand the reason why the guy in the TV-series "Dexter" does what he does? In the end you count your letters and read the answer equivalent to the type of letter most dominant in your answers. All based on the words HAPPY NEW YEAR (can easily be adapted for other festivals such a Diwali, New Year’s Eve or Ramadan).
It was designed to provide a fun informal assessment on some of the topics covered in the half-term leading to Christmas. It is suitable for a mixed ability group of numeracy learners, or indeed literacy or ESOL learners.
Stress tends to build up over a period of time until one day you simply snap and go catatonic - or on a rampage. If you happen to be a hermaphrodite you can answer both kinds; shoot, you can answer both kinds of questions regardless of your gender.

So photos appealing to fans’ personal experience have a good potential to reach large audience on Facebook. But this helps you to increase engagement around your photo update which will give you better exposure in news feeds and attract others to your page. Pick a funny picture your fans will understand and try to connect it with your brand or product. So when you write text to go with an image, keep it short and ask your fans to like or share the update if they agree or feel the same. This could include political happenings, business or tech news, sporting events, upcoming holidays, etc. Quite simply, photos are widely seen in the news feed and you don’t have to pay money to reach your customers globally or locally. You may post a quiz or a funny experiment; anything that pushes fans to share their opinions in comments. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. I truly love the humor of Jack in the Box, the clever quips of General Electric and the thrill of Red Bull.
There are hundreds of options out there for mobile, desktop and web, and many of them are free. The examples that you have shared are mainly from big brands who have a real good existing fan following.
I have heard different rules in terms of sharing images that we don’t have the right to use.
Hva er navnet pa denne sjokoladen ?13) Er en mort en fersvannsfisk eller saltvannsfisk ?14) I hvilken Tv-serie moter vi Alfa, Bjarne og Max Mekker ?15) Hva er et annet ord for tankeoverforing ?16) I hvilket fylke ligger Norefjell ?17) I filmen Indiana Jones og det siste korstog er det en sene hvor Sean Connery skremmer en flokk med maker. After all, both you and your friends deserve to know in what state your mental health is, and by Golly, you are going to find out! You can choose from a wide variety of shirts, including ringer tees, sweatshirts and baseball jerseys. As a team quiz it prompts discussion and lets learners express their opinions and justify the points made. Just be sure you pick a tie-in that isn’t obscure; you want to find one that the masses will understand. It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. I think all businesses can take a peek at how these big brands work their continuity and apply it to our social. I watched a talk from Guy Kawasaki and he said that as long as you mention the source the image was found, when you use the photo in the update then it’s fine. Hvilken tingest er det han bruker for a skremme dem ?18) Hvilken plantefamilie tilhorer prestekrager ?19) Den 4.mai 2009 fikk prins Joacim av Danmark og prinsesse Mary av Danmark en sonn. Can be used as a revision or introductory tool prior to creating a CV in Functional English, Functional ICT or work skills classes. Would really appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this as I am a social media consultant and have been wondering this for a while!
It can be used in small group or pair work (which worked well for me) as well as individually.

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