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For the past year, lunatics have been buying up ad space around the Internet to tell us how stupid we are.
Incoming search terms:knowledge sawal jawab hindi maingeneral knowledge sawal jawab in urduIs sawal ka jwb chahye kal tak time ha ap k pas Soch k jawab dn agar intelligent hn to 1-SHEHDse zyada meetha hai 2-SURAJ s zyada garm hai 3-BADSHAH ko chahiye 4-FAKEER k pas hai 5-Jo khae ga wo mar jae ga ?
If these right now are letters to you and not a parade of meaningless shapes you're trying to eat, it's truly inconceivable that you could get one wrong. In sab sawalon me ek hi jawab aayega Bataye wo general knowledge sawal jawabis sawal ka jwb chahye kal tak time ha ap k pas soch k jawab dn agar intelligent hn to 1-shehadse zyada meetha hai 2-suraj s ziyada garm hai 3-badshah ko chahiye 4-fakeer k pas hai 5-jo khae ga wo mar jae ga ? And when you're done, it texts you your results (which they say, no bullshit, varies on gender). This also signs you up for a monthly service that texts you "facts" for ten dollars a month. By now you're probably seeing that there's a secret, easier intelligence test hiding behind the first one. So who would fall for this? I can't tell if they were made by geniuses trying to find morons or morons trying to find advanced morons. I haven't ruled out that it's one rich madman trying to find someone smart enough to build him Spacebike and Spacebike Extreme. Luckily, I've been collecting them, so let's go through six of my favorites and see if we can't get to the bottom of it all. If this is Photoshopped, let's hope it was done from a prison.

I just hope you have enough bullets left after it stops bleating to fire a few rounds into the heavens. Are you trying to see if I'm a replicant? The Wrong Answer: Maybe? There is a classic optical illusion where two silhouetted faces create the shape of a candlestick between them.
This seems to be an advanced version of that where two faces create a candlestick and also have a mariachi band inside them. I imagine if you looked hard enough, there are probably a few wolves and a treasure map in there too.
How else do you explain that questionless question made up of tiny foreign people living on faces. This is probably the IQ Quiz's most famous ad. So instead of developing the skills to spot a close-up view of a sea sponge, we're developing the skills to spot a post-op view of a penis. So it didn't take long for the original picture to surface, and that lamp was a bikini the whole time! Who knew that if you turned a woman upside down and chopped her into pieces you could make a lamp? Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn't people in charge of an intelligence test at least kind of know what "intelligence" means?
That also means you can't tell when us stupid people have peed in your water bottle until it's far too late. Since intellectualism was invented, one of the greatest mysteries of the mind has been The Huge Mouth Kid.

At least half of Arisotelian logic is based around looking at a school photo and deciding if it's badly Photoshopped or if someone fucked a duck. First, if this child was REAL, he would almost certainly be killed by ghosts this far from a power pellet. But it says right next to him that "77.7% can't pass the illusion test!" Which leads us to believe that we've been tricked and it's REAL.
This thing is out there right now, with that unclosing mouth and with all that rage behind its eyes.
So forget our IQs-- it doesn't matter how smart we are when our remains are being dug out of duck monster stool. When you see this kid, the only thing you can do is try to make your final words something wise. Something that really proves you're intelligent like announcing your lack of color blindness or naming which lamps in the room are safe to masturbate to. Argggh!

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