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Logos Quiz Game features more than 500 brands and when you are blocked in the game, you can use the hints to solve the logos.
Red rectangular shape with two circle at the bottom and two curvy shapes in it (AIRBERLIN). A red circle with a creature like a bird with tail like a tiger holds a flag with ‘V’ letter in it (VAUXHALL). A blue face of a character that arranged by two circle as its eyes and a curvy shape as its lips.
A rectangular shape with a curve shape on two of its side and white ‘B’ letter inside the shape. An orange circle with another white circle shape inside it that arranged by three rectangular shape. A red shape looks like a shield with three opened book that contain ‘VE’, “RI’ and ‘TAS’ letters. Stuck on red lion with wings with book with foreign words on top of red box with ge—-li group.
I have searched this and visit this website and u dont have the logo which i am looking for.It is on blue girl,blue baby,blue circle and blue leave.
I need help please I have a logo with a red dog and two lowercase letters g and a together. OPOL can be very effective, but care must be taken so that the child receives sufficient exposure in the minority language.b.
There's no 'magic number' for exposure in the minority language, but this is a good benchmark for most families, I think.b.

Ideally, the child's first language will continue to be nurtured alongside the new second language.d. For information, I did a chronicle about the Ronjat’s book (100 years old, which he wrote thanks to the advices of his friend Grammont) in my blog. Using Esperanto, I think I succeed with far less than 30% exposure because of the regularity of the language and the proximity between French and Esperanto. I’ve had the chance to follow some lessons on bilingualism with Francois Grosjean in Zurich. As for the iceberg idea, you may be right, but I don’t really know where this metaphor first appeared. Logos Quiz Game is quiz game that is full of fun and all you have to do is guess the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. If after using all the hints, you still don’t know the answer, you can always ask your friends through Twitter or Facebook, and complete the missing ones with them! Research shows that the human fetus can respond to sounds from the external world—which has implications for bilingual development—from around how many weeks in the womb?
Fred Genesee, a top Canadian expert on childhood bilingualism, has estimated that children need a certain minimum amount of exposure in the minority language, as a percentage of their total language input, in order for bilingualism to proceed well.
Language delay—when a child is very late in beginning to talk, or lags well behind peers in language development—is often wrongly attributed to bilingualism. Research conducted by Ellen Bialystock, of York University in Canada, has shown that, on average, bilinguals show symptoms of Alzheimer’s later than monolinguals.
Both languages are underdeveloped and the child is unable to cope in school in either language.

Both languages have low prestige and this negatively affects the child’s self-esteem.
What is the term used for situations where the second (majority) language becomes dominant, even replacing a child’s first (minority) language, as with some immigrant families? The movement for Immersion Bilingual Education—where children are immersed in the second language, often from the start of their schooling—began in 1965 in which country? Cummins who used the iceberg model for his dual interdependence hypothesis (if I’m not mistaken in 1978) first? Logos Quiz Game for iPhone and iPad allows you to create different profiles in the game and you can instant-resolve a question using the stars! Language delay has a variety of causes, but the precise reason is not known in what percentage of cases?
Canada (Immersion Bilingual Education began with an experimental kindergarten class of 26 English-speaking children in Montreal. You can also ask your friends if you don’t know the answer or challenge them to see who know more logos.

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