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On the other end of the personality test spectrum, however, there are several psychometric inventory tests that have been carefully designed to measure certain personality traits. If your company is looking to improve its hiring practices, you may wish to consider adopting personality testing.
The most well-known of the many personality tests available is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator–a favorite among many large corporations and government agencies.
It is important to keep in mind that personality testing should not create the basis for hiring decisions. And they, in no way, provide you with any insight into your personality or anyone else’s.

And, thanks to the ease of administering these tests electronically, they have come to play an important role in the workplace. Before you embark on Myers Briggs’ training or invest in testing software, however, there are a few things you should know.
A candidate may have the requisite skills, but lack other traits needed for the job such as attention to detail or the ability to work without supervision. Other prominent tests include the International Personality Item Pool Test (IPIP-NEO), the Personality Characteristics Inventory (PCI), the California Personality Inventory, the Kolbe Index, and the Harrison Assessment. Stop trying to cram square pegs into round holes and, instead, find the perfect fit for every position.

The interview process can reveal certain aspects of a prospect’s personality, but answers can be rehearsed. A well-designed personality test can give you more in-depth insight into an individual’s actual traits and motivators.

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