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Lots of stores and websites offer coupon codes but I only sign up to receive a handful of them.
The idea behind Coupon Chief is to aggregate promo codes like many of these other sites, but to make your experience easier. The first thing that sprang to my mind was a photo gift, something from Shutterfly or Snapfish.
Sure enough, Snapfish had 2 11-oz photo mugs for $10 (great deal, but do I want a photo mug?), 50% off photo books (also a great deal, but does anyone actually get these?), a 20% off order code (a great catch-all, and 80% success!) but I decided to go with the $11 off an order of $25 or more code. So not only did Coupon Chief help me find a coupon, it helped me find the best deal between similar sites. I spent a while selecting pictures for the key ring and calendar, got them uploaded and edited, then submitted my order. I’ve never seen it nor do I have any desire to watch it, but I did think of you when I saw the commercial. I don’t want to organize my email coupons in addition to organizing my clipped coupons. Otherwise every weekend will look like the one I just had, where the Bug and I went to 5 stores in one massive errand run.

In fact, if you join their Pays-2-Share program, you can get 2% of sales for every coupon you submit every time someone uses it to get a discount.
You have information on how often it works, you have the code itself, you have how old the code is. I’ve used both sites before, they have really similar products, so this was a place where Coupon Chief could really help me get the best deal. I wasn’t planning on spending too much and it would be more than 20% with a low-priced order.
Once you decide you want to use a code you can click on it to open up the site in a new window and have the code pasted into your clipboard. I’ve saved considerable money by pulling out my phone and checking for a digital coupon before I buy anything from lunch to a new computer. Coupons are great, but they aren’t as prevalent when you leave the world of grocery shopping. Successful coupons are at the top, followed by new ones and those with unknown success, and the bad ones are at the bottom.
A centralized source for online coupons will definitely save me time and I plan to use Coupon Chief in the future.
I was compensated for the time I spent exploring the Coupon Chief website and writing this post.

And since she does way more than I can manage, I figured I’d just hear about it vicariously through her. I blog honestly about life as a working single mom, my serious lack of style, and the books I can't stop reading.
You don’t want to spend time shopping only to find out at the last minute that your code is a bust. Excellent for someone who wants to scroll through everything or someone who just wants the good stuff.
Even better, you can give feedback on whether the code works or not and see whether it’s been successful for others.
I’d just bought a cheap frame and was planning to get prints, but I decided to take back the frame and get a photo calendar of Bug to put up instead. This might be just my browser (I used Chrome) or my finicky internet connection, but I ended up mostly opening the store websites myself and then inputting the code at the end.

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