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It means that one way to know that someone is really a true friend is when they come to you in their time of need. So in our day to day work, we come across so many persons and all of them are not our "real friends". Each person has an individual character and it is hard to find people who share your thoughts, interests, jokes, etc, so when you find one, please stay true with one another! Many things are needed to make friendship a real one, including trustworthiness, support, honesty, and loyalty, etc.
Detalii Friends with Benefits – Prieteni cu beneficii (2011) - Film Online Subtitrat 13 luni adaugata.
In timp ce incearca sa evite cli?eele Hollywood comedii romantice, Dylan Harper ?i Jamie Rellis curand descoperi insa ca adaugarea actul de sex pentru a prietenia lor nu duce la complica?ii. Vizioneaza filmul Friends with Benefits – Prieteni cu beneficii (2011) online subtitrat ?i tradus in limba romana gratis fara intrerupere. It means that they trust you with their secrets, know you will not judge them for their problems or their inablitity to solve them on their own.
It's kinda like the same situation in relationship when you really wanted to find TRUE LOVE.
You always have friends who are with you during good times, but the ones who stick with you, when you face tough times,  when you truly need them, are the ones that are indeed your friends!

So sometimes you have to step over your pride and put yourself on the place of your friend, and see what she feels even if you think you are correct. Urmare?te Friends with Benefits – Prieteni cu beneficii (2011) online subtitrat cu traducere in limba romana. By telling soft words, by praising you to skies, by being so nice to you, and linger around you as long as you enjoy happiness, wealth, health and power.
So again, I'm reminding you not to put complete trust in all of your friends, even if you know them for 10 years already. And if I choose you, then I am a friend in need who really needs you to be my friend right now!
I've seen so many betrayal of friends (I'm talking about 20-30 years of friendship), because of business and money or third party in relationship, etc! So don't put 100% trust in people and put anyone you love as your number 1, but instead, you should put Allah and only Him first, in whatever you do! And then totally lost contact when they find some new friends at the new place or something like that..
So this is where you need to know who to be nice with, who to be friends and associate with!

Or just don't trust people 100% and always be on guard! When you're in school, the social group that you're with will probably change. You could be a very best friend with someone when you work together for 20-30 years, but when you're retired, the person would not even text you, or call you. This is where you can see and judge whether the person has been sincere to you or not, for all those years. Because like it or not, people tend to forget things that are not in front of them anymore. When that sucky situation happen, you just have to move on and live your life without them! Life is just full of uncertainties.

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