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When it comes to establishing and maintaining friends with benefits relationship, you should keep certain things in mind. Sometimes the wrong kinds of dialogue and interactions can sort of accidentally mold a relationship into something that you don't want it to be. The dive into being friends with benefits can be a mutually advantageous venture with very few drawbacks. When you're busy trying to figure yourself out do you really need to be taking partial responsibility for someone else's feelings at the same time?
You can effectively prevent the loneliness that often comes with being single but without dealing with the limitations of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. And what do you do when that the love of your life just doesn't seem to be knocking on your door right now?
You want someone who you enjoy spending downtime with and who's compatible with you, but most importantly you want someone who wants the same thing as you do. Firstly, no matter how many precautions you take, there will always be the risk of one partner getting attached, the other rejecting them, and the friendship coming to an end.

So long as you just remain honest with your partner and bow out when the time is right you're all but guaranteed to have a good time. Is going out of your way to pursue a soulmate and trying to force the issue really the best choice for companionship?
This is one of the primary dangers associated with attempting to become friends with benefits, as such relationships have a tendency to leave one partner or the other with a shattered heart. A girl who's had an obvious crush on you for years or a guy who asked you out a long time ago but you turned him down might not be your best choice. If this happens with a close friend then it can be mutually painful as both parties lose someone they cared about. Don't ever talk about the future (outside of plans for tonight and very short term things like that) to your friend with benefits.
Sometimes practicality calls for a mutually beneficial intimate relationship that just doesn't require for all the romantic feelings and dedication associated with traditional relationships. This pain can be avoided for the most part though so long as both parties just remain honest.

Be reasonable and selective; the choice of partner is vital to the smoothness and fluidity of this kind of relationship. Secondly, if a girlfriend or boyfriend later down the road discovers that you used to sleep with one of your friends who you still hang out with, then tension and jealousy are pretty much inevitable. It's better to take the possible rejection early than to get yourself in deep feeling and then face rejection. Breakfast together should be avoided at all cost; this is the meal of the married couple and belongs nowhere near a friends with benefits relationship.
Aim for your outer circle of friends (or even people you know who you might not even consider as your friends) rather than your inner circle.

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