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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style.
On your special day I want to tell you that you are cared for in a very special manner and wished for the finest things in life.
I have spoken to you several times about the problems your three dogs create for the neighborhood: the droppings left on my lawn are a nuisance, the noise and smell emanating from your yard make it difficult for me to use my yard, and I am frequently awakened at night by the dogs' prolonged barking.
I have also spoken to the city health and animal control departments, who have in turn contacted you.
The reason I'm ruling this way is that it's obvious, from the testimony presented here, that your dogs, Mr. Everything you need to keep your pooch (or the neighbor's) on a legal leash!by Mary Randolph, J.D.

It allows guitarists 3 playing options:1) tremolo unit "on" - in this position your tremolo functions as normal.
Whether you are close by or far away you are always remembered and missed in a very special. The dogs are well behaved and quiet, and Flo is considerate of her neighbors, never letting the dogs run loose. You have not responded to their requests to keep the dogs quiet and to clean your yard to eliminate the offensive smell. If you do not correct the problem by next week, I feel I have no alternative but to take the problem to small claims court.
My attempts to work something out with you have been unsuccessful, and you have refused to try to resolve these problems with the help of a neutral mediator provided by our neighborhood association.

I can then lock the others to make it a fixed bridge to do double-stop bends without going flat.
Or if I break a string, lock it and keep playing - something you can't normally do with a floating trem.
So it is not just for de-tuning, the feel, sustain and tone changes as it would if the bridge was flat to the body.

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