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The green-eyed monster is a terrible thing: Jealousy can pit brother against sister, child against parent, and – in this case – lover against lover. Because you know that your guy is going to have friends (some of them – God forbid – even female friends), and you don’t want him to cut these important people from his life. It’s human nature for us to want to cast away that which makes us feel uncomfortable, but taking her out of the picture will not help anything. This is no time to be hostile or mean to your significant other, this is the time to quite calmly and quietly confide in him and tell him how the deal makes you feel. When we saw this post in the message boards about a girl who’s feeling super jealous of her best friend, we knew we had to post it ourselves. I don’t know how close you are with your friend, but if you are truly best friends and have a good friendship, don’t let something so simple ruin it for you! Sometimes, I always feel like my bff is prettier than me & i asked myself, “What do she have that i dont? Everyone is beautiful in their own, unique different ways even if it may seem weird to you.
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It’s a lonely feeling situation when your boyfriend has a female friend whom you feel he puts before you. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when your boyfriend spends time with another girl, especially one that he had a past with, but you don’t want it to take over your relationship.
Be as honest as possible, not only will it give him more perspective, but it will help rationalize your feelings in his eyes.

It’s a sure sign to your boyfriend that you care for him and respect the relationship that you have.
Not gonna lie, she used to have a major crush on him but they never talked and she got over him.
Regarding how ur bff is having a frenemy relationship with ur enemy, i cant say much cos i do rly unds the situation.
Make sure he is open with his activities with this girl, if it would make you comfortable to know.
But like every other emotion people have (man and woman alike), it must be controlled – don’t let it control you.
The next time you’re feeling super jealous, think about the things you love about yourself.
They started getting really close all of a sudden and i feel really jealous because she’s so much prettier than me!
But to me, ur bff has the rights to make any fren she wan and if she chooses to do so, u can only advise her but not get upset over it. That amount of control just isn’t meant for a relationship.Unless it’s a very serious situation between the two of them, it’s not really right to intervene.
You can use it to express your love to him, but do not become controlling or tyrannical in any way.
I mean, if you’re really insecure, just make a list of things you like about yourself. It’s not about comparing yourself to your BFF or getting into some kind of weird competition in your head.

All my friends are great, they like to talk and can be seriuosly funny even tho they dont had killer looks.
What if I told you that you COULD trust her if you got to know her a little better and see what she’s about?
It’s about paying attention to the great things about you and building your own self-esteem. I really want to be BFF with her but all these just make me realise that I start to despise her.
So they have a lot of other friends and they practicly talk to everyone at our school while hardly know anyone. I was even crying and everything because I had a crush on him first way before she ever had a crush on him. I even wish thatshe’ll be ugly But I know that in my heart, I still treat her as someone dear. Both of us are not popular in school and are kinda low-profile but she still have a few seniors who likes her.
I was so devastated that I cried and quarrelled with her and even want to end our friendship.

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