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This is a printable and downloadable invoice for use of freelance designers providing both goods and services to clients. Basically, we are willing to have complete strangers enter our homes while we sit at our computers, clean around us while trying not to let us see their faces of disgust, and charge us more than we will actually make in that same amount of time to make our environments livable. A) I will pay the equivalent of two hours of my working time to have someone else clean my house in one hour. I once came across an article by a freelance writer discussing the ever-present question of how much to charge (I can’t find it anywhere now, and believe me – I looked). He would probably have a problem with my outsourcing idea – not because it is asking other people to do things that I can do perfectly well myself, but because I’m not making the wisest financial decision. So I’m not the only one who has decided that being a stay at home mom shouldn’t require one to be a domestic diva as well? If you get more time, less stress, an easier life and freedom to explore what you love without losing any money in the end, do it. I know the exact book you’re referring to because I just returned it to the library a few weeks ago. First off, I would like to start out by saying that I made contact with a few house cleaners in my area today.
Amanda – I agree with your assessment about taking off the writer lenses when it comes time to review the outsourced work. First, I think your math doesn’t take into account that paying an outsourced writer is a deductible business expense. Second, I think it was Mark Twain who said (paraphrasing), Nothing is quite as vicious as one writer criticizing another writer’s work. This illustrates that any writer to whom you outsource will require time to brief about the assignment, confidence in the writer’s ability to get it right on the first draft, a working relationship that means you can ask for a rewrite and get it promptly and without a hassle and a recognition that you still will be required to edit the work.
October 13, 2010 By Laura Spencer Sometimes we freelancers get so caught up in trying to achieve our long term goals, we forget to recognize our own successes. Over two years later, I’m still convinced that celebrating the business successes along the way to our long term goals is critical to protect freelancers from freelancing burnout. With that in mind, I’ve decided to list nine more ways that freelancers can celebrate their successes. FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. It has two parts for separate billing information on material and labor with a descriptive breakdown of each item. Apparently it’s a good time to do so.Every quarter and year, Elance looks at which industries are hiring freelancers. We have a “business account” that automatically receives 15 percent of everything we make, so we tried paying ourselves from that account as a way to get motivated.

Lorna and I have both – completely independently of one another – been toying with the idea of hiring someone to come clean our houses. If he’s having dinner with his wife and she starts discussing inane topics, is he going to cut her off and go take his plate to the computer instead? For example, I wondered if this man belonged to a gym (insert: gym fees, gym clothes, gas to get there). Do my distaste of cleaning and my inability to self-motivate secondary projects qualify as enough of a cause to make outsourcing a good idea? One tool in the relationship-building toolbox is open and honest communication between you and your audience; and to get them to like and trust you and feel that all-important connection with you is to write blogs and emails dripping with pesonality. If you can get away, even for a few days, the change of scenery and surroundings can renew you. One of my favorite things to do is snapping photographs of flowers and plants in a local park. It automatically computes for the amount, sub-totals, tax, and the total amount to be paid by the client.
However, we – and most work-from-home-professionals that we know – constantly put our own work on the back burner and fly past self-set deadlines like we haven’t a care in the world. He talked about how his time is worth $100 per hour (or something like that), and that he never spent time on activities he deemed “less worthy” than that $100. Going outside and mowing the lawn would be excellent exercise, especially if he got one of those old push mowers. In fact, you get no net income unless you mark-up the fee of the writer to whom you outsource. No boss is going to come along and recognize you for your extra hard work or your exceptional achievements. In fact, according to this school of thought, the longer the hours, the more successful the freelancer. But, the truth is that, between freelance responsibilities and personal responsibilities, I rarely get the chance. It’s especially relaxing to get caught up in a novel that has absolutely nothing to do with work. And, even though networking is a great business practice, give yourself a break and allow yourself some network free time with those you care about. Follow the meal with a stop at the local movie theater to see that new film starring your favorite actor. Regardless of whether you enjoy photography, getting outdoors and getting fresh air is bound to be a treat. So if an employer runs an office out of Church Point, Louisiana (population 4,575), he can find talent anywhere in the world.

We have a separate blog for our business that is utterly neglected, we have really good marketing plans that we’ve yet to put to good use, and we have a number of small personal projects that we never seem to have time to even work on, let alone finish. He could essentially save himself money in gym costs if he mowed his own lawn twice a week. We outsource laundry because really, I just can`t be bothered (and we don`t have a washer, it has to be done by hand here!), and I do outsource some of my online tasks, like research to a VA in India.
It doesn’t have to be a big lavish celebration (unless, of course, you want it to be).
However, if you are one of those who can relax through shopping set yourself a budget and just go.
Personalize the template by providing your logo and details as well as your choice color.
But as soon as finances stable out, I’ll be the first in line to hire someone to clean the house. He could listen to some catchy tunes, meet some neighbors, or simply enjoy being alive rather than attached to his computer screen. So in addition to removing geographic barriers, the freelancing industry is helping alleviate a bit of that unemployment rate to boot!More Marketing, More JobsWhile a few years ago, companies of every size held back on social media and blogging as part of their marketing strategy, they’re embracing them like crazy now. And that means that they need more bloggers, social media strategists and overall Internet marketing experts. You`ll be far more productive anyway when you aren`t feeling lousy about not doing the dishes or about neglecting your blog. Often this work can be done part-time externally, which saves the company on benefits, salaries and overhead.If you’re smart about it, you can piece together a decent living through freelancing.
Make sure you have the skills the project requires, and send a well-crafted application letter, targeting the key points you feel make you qualified.
Build a simple website that also highlights your work, outlines your services, and provides contact information. Reach out to companies in your area — especially smaller ones that might not have in-house marketing and let them know the services you offer. Also connect with marketing agencies, as often they have more work than they can handle and need extra help.It may take a while, but you’ll find that once you get a few projects under your belt, you’ll have some experience to back you up and it will because easier to close a new project.
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