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Words You Want features three staff writers who have been in the horse industry for several years.
One of the realities of freelance pricing is that, like so many things in life, it isn’t one-size-fits-all. As you set freelance rates, consider the type of work you are doing, and the client you are doing it for. Tell me about your motivations… for the company, for the project, and for your service or product.
Of course, all of these tips could apply to most any freelance project you work on… not just ghostwriting projects. Perhaps you have been writing all of your life and finally want to start to make some extra money from your talents. Right now there are thousands of freelance writers making money by writing for other people.
Let me show you how to capitalize off of your talents and start making some money in the world of freelance writing! The sites I promote on Writer Sanctuary are those I have used in the past or currently work for.
Some of the more respectable outfits will have a great deal of security in place to protect you as a writer and the client. Find legitimate writing sites that you enjoy using: I am always looking for legitimate companies to post on this site. Schedule a specific time in your day to dedicate to work: Any distraction, regardless of how long, is going to take away from the experience.
With the right amount of effort, it’s easy for anyone to flourish as a freelance writer. You have to find the sweet spot, which is the price that you are happy with and the client is happy to pay.
There are freelancers out there who charge one price, cater only to clients who will pay that high price, and they do quite well. However, when setting freelance rates for smaller clients I make it a point to be affordable.
It’s one thing to ghostwrite for other bloggers, and even for entrepreneurs just starting out.
I have found big clients require a lot more so I charge them a lot more and smaller clients require less work, plus are usually more consistent too.

People that have websites and blogs need content to keep their viewers coming back and that is where freelance writers come into play. I’ve completed more than 5000 jobs for various clients across several online platforms.
I don’t care what kind of benefits they boast, you should never have to pay out of pocket to work. Like I said, the need for content on the Internet is great – and it shows no signs of slowing down. He has completed more than 5,000 jobs for a variety of clients ranging from animals to travel. It’s something completely different to provide words for an industry executive, or write an entire book for a thought leader (or someone trying to become a thought leader).
After agreeing on a flat fee for my most recent ebook project, I drew up a proposed TOC and worked with the client to get it to a place we were both happy with. When my client first told me when he wanted a first draft of the ebook, I threw up in my mouth a little.
It could also be a smart move to do a small sample before actually going forward with the project in the first place, stipulating that you will be paid for the work you do. Hopefully, you’ll have agreed upon a payment schedule that allows you to invoice at various benchmarks throughout the project.
Do you have tips for writers who want to start ghostwriting but aren’t sure where to begin finding clients? Whatever the reason is I am hear to tell you that you can use your writing talents to make extra money right from your own home as a freelance writer.
Right now these website and blog owners are seeking people like you out on a daily basis and willing to pay them to write content on a consistent basis. I can safely say that it is completely possible to make a decent living, if you’re willing to put in the work.
I’d make even more if I could eliminate some of the distractions I have throughout the day.
In the past four and a half years, I’ve never had a client skimp out on paying what I was due. I’ve seen a lot of potentially good writers take a poor attitude towards the process. Because of the clients I have and the teams I belong to, I can easily make between $20 and $25 per hour…if I was to actually sit down and write without being interrupted by life. Not only do you have to produce top-notch work, but the client needs to feel as though you offer an accurate representation of his or her thoughts and style. It just shows how much the rates for something can vary, which is why it is hard to set rates to begin with!
Doing this not only earned me the first small chunk of my fee, but it ensured that I would have a previously-agreed-upon road map for a project that might otherwise have been overwhelming.

Luckily, I was able to use our agreed-upon TOC as a guide for drawing up a weekly writing schedule. That’s why I like to be in constant email contact regarding edits, sidebar suggestions, interview plans, and more. So rolling around on top of a single check may be less fulfilling than rolling around in a pile of cash, but it amounts to the same thing. I’ve always wondered if you’ve never ghostwritten before, how can you find someone to take a chance on you the first time? I am a freelance writer with lots of experience in this field and I want to show you how you can succeed as a writer. Many of them offer me a great deal of freedom in my blogging in terms of what I write about and when I turn it in.
When I experiment with raising my freelance rates, I often start with the big clients inquiring about my services.
After all, you aren’t getting any of the glory, and the other person (hopefully) looks great. Even though they pay less, they are often nicer to deal with, offering you more flexibility. Quasi-regular phone calls to talk about the project are also helpful… and extra-motivating.
But I did link to a few other ghostwriting posts in that other post, and they may be able to provide you with more help in that respect. Whether you just want to make extra money on the side as a part time writer or you want to take this on full time the choice is up to you.
The best part of all this is that you can work anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer. Since there is such a strong market for online content developers, the client will simply go somewhere else.
Sometimes I have to change things to meet the demands of a corporate legal department policy. You’re going to need to deliver copy in that very same voice, nailing every nuance and turn of phrase. At the end of each week, I’ve sent my client the most recently completed sections of the ebook.
This has made it easier for him, because he can make editing notes as we go along, rather than devouring the entire book all at once. And this has made it easier for me, as I can be reassured that he’s happy with my work, and I can easily change direction if necessary.

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