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Slide this stylish sweater over your favorite shell for the perfect warm layer when the weather brings a chill.

Fabric has sweater-knit face, fleece interior, and heathered overdye yarns with a knit-like texture. I already own a Patagonia Better Sweater and love the weight of it, so I figured he would like one too; he loves it!
Fits to size, warm, looks great, good quality; however, the logo is ironed on so avoid heat. Although adequately warm for its design and purpose, it does not do very well stopping wind, so keep that in mind if you plan to use it as an outer layer.

I washed and dried it before my first wear using low heat and it was fine no shrinkage occurred.
Normally these types of sweaters have sleeves that are way too short for him, but these are the perfect length.

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