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Questo sito utilizza cookie, anche di terze parti: cliccando OK, proseguendo nella navigazione o interagendo con la pagina acconsenti all'utilizzo dei cookie. Free Studio DVDVideoSoft e un software gratuito multimediale per l’elaborazione di file video, audio, foto ed immagini. The Verdict: DVDVideoSoft is worth trying out if you need an easy-to-use audio or video converter. DVDVideoSoft Free Studio is a remarkable bundle of free audio and video converters and editing software.
The applications we found the easiest to use and most functional in the Free Studio were the video downloading tools and the video converter software. For the purpose of this review of DVDVideoSoft we used sample music videos downloaded from YouTube to check video and audio converter quality.
This group of free video converter software from DVDVideoSoft includes YouTube downloaders, uploaders, editors and converters as well as a variety of video converters. The free DVDVideo Soft video editing tools include video dub, screen video recorder and a flip and rotate tool. DVDVideo Soft Free Studio video converter software includes audio converters, burners and a dub tool. The basic audio converter can work with MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, OGG, FLAC and APE audio file type formats.
This is a standalone program separate from the DVDVideoSoft video converter software that can turn two images into a 3D image.
All of these free video converter software applications were rather simplistic, therefore rather easy to use.
Since this is free video converter software from DVDVideoSoft it does come with a few catches. Additionally, even though Free Studio is one video converter software download the different elements of the bundle are still separate and on the DVDVideoSoft website you can download them all collectively or individually if you want.

Even though the DVDVideoSoft Free Studio video converter software and the 3D Photo Maker are free products they do come with some support. Sometimes free video converter software can come with some issues or spyware or adware, however we had few problems with DVDVideoSoft Free Studio especially in regards to their free video downloaders and video converters. If you need easy-to-use video converter software or YouTube uploaders and downloaders, DVDVideoSoftware can provide some good tools either in the Free Studio bundle or as separate downloads. This screenshot image shows the MP3 and audio converter included in the DVDVideoSoft Free Studio.
This image shows the DVD and CD disc burning tools included in the DVDVideoSoft Free Studio.
The Free Studio actually includes 25 programs unlike many of the other converting programs we have looked at which are one integrated program. DVDVideoSoft can run with Windows 7 and can work with HD video file types as well at HQ MP4s. It can do batch and single conversions and it will create new presets or edit the old ones.
The only thing that took us a bit to figure out was how to make sure the files were saved where we wanted them since by default they all go into separate folders depending on which DVDVideoSoft program you are using. First off we did not have any download issues or malicious content downloaded with this software, which is good, so no worries there. The Free Studio package has the addition of a screen that is similar to a portal screen which basically acts as a way for you to access all individual sections. Online DVDVideoSoft posts some FAQs and step-by-step instructions, and you can submit by form a request for support. We only had a few issues with disc creation and the iPhone converter, but those are only two elements of a suite of 25 applications.
All the applications are easy to use and they post step-by-step instructions online that we found quite helpful.

Regularly we do not review free video converter software but we wanted to check this bundle out to see how it compared to other paid products we have looked at in our video converting and audio editing reviews.
Free Studio comes in 10 languages and can support file types for a variety of devices including iPhones, Blackberrys, iPods, PSPs and PCs.
We had no trouble using the downloaders and all the video converters worked for us except the iPhone one.
This particular free audio editor converter comes in 14 languages and works with Windows 7.
The program would then ask us if we wanted to find the right software so we chose that option and downloaded the recommended software. What this means is that sometimes moving video from one section to the next may take a few extra steps since not all applications are integrated.
We submitted a support request regarding the iPhone video converter and received an email confirmation of our request immediately, but then had to wait a bit for the actual response. To create a 3D image you have to have two quality images that differ slightly with a horizontal shift.
The YouTube uploaders worked very well for us though, basically you just copy a YouTube URL and paste it into the program to begin downloading and it downloads rather quickly. To view the image longer you have to open it from the newly created saved file and of course you have to have 3D glasses to see the 3D image.

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