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Hi?n t?i Namecheap dang danh uu dai l?n cho ten mi?n .website khi tung ra uu dai t?ng mi?n phi ten mi?n nay khi mua b?t k? goi hosting nao.
Free Ebook:Bi kip ban hang Online hi?u qu?Giup b?n sang t?o n?i dung ban hang online, ch?p ?nh s?n ph?m d?p, ch?t sale va gi?i quy?t v?n d? hoan don. If you are making a website for some business purpose first create a email(gmail) for that and then signup with that. Each domain name on the Internet corresponds to such numbers.Without domain names, each and every website would have to be recalled by a number like this, similar to the telephone system, but much more difficult to remember.

For this reason, domain names were introduced, and have made navigation on the net much simpler.Register a domain nowFree DNS ServicesDomain Name System (DNS), although often overlooked, is essential to virtually every internet transaction, and hence an extremely crucial service for ensuring that your web site and email continue to function correctly. We provide you DNS services on a highly optimized, globally distributed, redundant (n+1), robust DNS infrastructure, that is geared to deliver 100% DNS uptime and offer unmatched DNS query response times.Take complete control of your DNS Records for your domain name. You can even set and change TTL on a per record basis, and modify all the SOA parameters.ZERO propagation delay for any additions or updatesOur DNS servers use a custom version of BIND, which allows any zone additions or modifications to reflect immediately across all our DNS servers without requiring any restarts. The propagation time for any DNS changes is effectively zero.Geographically distributed cluster of servers in world-class facilities geared to deliver 100% DNS uptimeResearch and studies show that a lot of DNS service providers tend to distribute their DNS servers poorly, mainly due to lack of resources, planning and expertise. For example, suppose a company has three identical web sites hosted on three different servers.

Our centralized notification system ensures that any issues are immediately brought to the notice of the people in charge and our processes ensure that the downtime of any service and server is reduced to the minimal possible extent.

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