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When selecting a music related cover for your Facebook Timeline you have a diverse selection of categories and musical styles to choose from. These sites have all free downloads which require either to right click on the image and save to your computer or log in straight to your Facebook account from the cover website itself. One more note, the quantities listed below will change as more covers are uploaded to these sites. Pop Music: 251 sexy musician Facebook cover poses like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Tyrese, Shakira, and Chris Brown.
Alternative Music: 160 alternative music covers to choose from with selections like 30 Seconds To Mars, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumkins and Coldplay. Heavy Metal Music: 110 heavy metal covers with some all time classics like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Alice in Chains, and Slayer. Country Music: 82 beautiful country music Facebook Timeline covers to download for free such as Toby Keith, George Strait, Taylor Swift, and Scotty Mccreery.
When it comes to African music industry, Nigeria has some of the very best songwriters, singers and performers. Here are 5 Websites for Free Naija Music Download Where You can Find Your Favourite Beats.
All the genres of music are stored in this website ranging from traditional, cultural songs to the modern contemporary gospel songs and everything in between. This is another great website where you can access thousands of  free, high quality Naija mp3 Music completely free of charge. There are galleries for all genres of music including the classic as well as the latest mp3. If you have a download manager installed in your computer, immediately the music starts playing you will have a pop up download window prompting you to download the music. Naijapals is perhaps the best source for free Naija music download because it features not just mp3 songs but also videos of the latest and most popular Nigerian music you’ve probably never heard.
22-Year-Old Girl Confesses To Sleeping With 400 Men In Five Months, Guess Who Forced Her Into It? Previously we have compiled a list of 20+ websites you can download free background music under the creative commons license for your project. A unique and straight forward business style site that provides royalty-free music that you can download easily. Phlow-Magazine is a magazine-themed site that collects the finest songs all over the web from netlabels and musicians that release music under creative commons license. Shrecords is a simple platform to get distributed music that is uploaded under creative commons license. DL Sounds is a site which caters to those who are looking for fresh tunes, loops or samples to be used in projects.
A large online library to download completely free music, that you can use for any personal or educational projects. The Midnight Cassette System is a collection of music made using a portable music device MadPlayer. Get music specifically made to be used as background music for films and video productions, performed and recorded by Derek R. Jimmy Gelhaar is a prolific writer who has composed a variety of music styles throughout his career. Here is a site that has one of the largest online royalty-free stock music including music clips, music loops, beat, bumpers and stingers and sound effects.
FreePublicMusic is a site where you can download free music and sound effects without royalty fees, giving you high-quality music files for your personal or commercial use. Get pre-recorded musical composition or sound clips for projects such as advertisements, computer games, promotional videos, business presentations, etc. This is one of the easiest way for you to download background music for your videos given the fact that there are now around 150 tracks available for immediate use in YouTube audio libraries.
Free Stock Music wants to provide you with a platform where you can get the absolute best production music at not cost at all. Many leading albums are available on Album Hunt for free and these can be searched in categories like Rock, R&B and POP.

SoundArea can be defined as a music forum that has a collection of music belonging to different times.
Arabic music lovers can connect on Ghaneli as this website offers more than 2,600 music albums for free with most being in Arabic. Many new music albums are available on Max Album and these can be downloaded from Rapid share, Megaupload and Hotfile. This is another popular platform for song download for free and offers many popular albums including pop and classic. The numbers listed below are a reflection of the exact number of Facebook covers as of the date of this post. However, in this world of economic uncertainty, raising extra cash to buy some music CD can be just that bit difficult.
It has a very user-friendly interface and a search portal to help you search for the particular music you are looking for. Besides downloading the music, the website also streams such mp3 music provided you have the right plug-in to play the files directly from the internet. Furthermore, you can sign up with the website to get music recommendations based on your taste and preferences. This website has a rich collection of MP3 Naija songs from all genres both classic and latest. It will enable you quickly access the website and the songs just by typing the relevant keywords.
You can search for your favorite music by the artiste, the song title or the genre of the song.
The Internet is a treasure trove for legitimately free stuff like free sound effects, free stock videos, free vector images, or free 3D models, there are many sites that offer a variety of good resources if you have the time to look for them, and that includes music under creative commons license that you can use for your projects. Just choose a song and add it to your cart, then pick your song license type (personal license is free) and proceed to checkout. In 2003, they collaborate with musicians all over the world leading Audio Portal to growth massive. They provide a wide range of genre such as techno, hip hop, house, pop, rock and a lot more.
He has been writing music for a little over 10 years and have had his music featured in many projects before.
This site has been around since 2009, where even now they are still providing high-quality music and royalty-free music to their customers. SonicsSquirrel is a platform for netlabel music distribution with the aim to promote free music and making the work of its artists available to the public easily.
Epitonic shut down previously due to financial constraints but is now back online due to help from many contributors. While their business deals with royalty-free music, you can also get a taste of some of their collections for free. There are a variety of music genres available such as rock, smooth, jazz, funky, techno and etc. YouTube users can use the royalty-free instrumental audio tracks both in and outside of YouTube. You can download and use music on their site for any kind of production even for commercial ones. These music albums can be filtered based on their popularity and the number of times it has been downloaded. The creators of SoundArea have made this platform interactive and you need to register and reply to threads in order to view the download links. You need not register on the website for downloading and most of the albums can be downloaded in a single click. Some of the album links have copyright issues and though you could listen to them online downloading these could be an issue. They have 122 quality music covers with music groups, individual musicians, shout out fan covers, tributes and tour titles. They also make great background images for more personalized covers. For the artistic person who might be into the classics, an acoustic listener, or someone who appreciates Vinyl then this site is a must visit.

Some of the titles include Guitars, Violin, trumpet, electric bass, double bass, musical notes, John Lennon, marshall speakers, and deadmau. Some example free download covers include Maroon5, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Radiohead and Pink. The good news is that some concerned individuals have decided to foot the bill and avail a collection of Free Naija music for download. Not only does it offer an exciting store of Naija Music, it also gives the latest news about the Nigerian music industry. Besides bookmarking the page, the website also offers their free toolbar for you to install on your browser (for Mozilla, IE and Google Chrome) and for easy access. You don’t even need to use any credit card if you are downloading it using a personal license. You can get almost all kinds of audio genre on their site and they are mostly under common creative license. His collection of royalty-free music can be downloaded from his site with the request of a credit if it is used for any project. Their purpose is to provide media creators with quality music, and push Machinimasound to be at the forefront of this industry. SoundShiva relies on community donation to keep going in return for promoting fresh tunes by new artists on one easily accessible platform.
There are so far 55 hours’ worth of public domain music available for non-commercial and commercial use. It is not necessary to obtain his permission so long you give him proper credit (please do).
Sound Jig provides audio ranging from sound effects to music loops, in a variety of categories like animals, futuristic, ambient electro, hip hop and many others.
All the music on his site is composed by him, and you can download and apply his music for your project for free but only for personal use.
The entire site is known as The Internet Archive, a non-profit internet library for everyone to access historical collections in digital format.
Below we list top 10 websites that can be accessed for downloading the latest track sung by your favorite singer.
I’ve listed the different music style sections below with the quantity of music covers in each category plus some examples of each. There some old school bands like Kiss, Metallica, Beatles, Kurt Cobain, Pink Floyd Wall, and ACDC. Go to Timeline and with the mouse cursor move it over the cover to bring down the drop down menu, Add or change cover and that’s it. Here are some interesting titles: the cassette cover, music sheet,guitar playing, piano facebook, headphones, think music, violin, record player, music splash and music notes. You can download music covers for free like Poison, Motley Crue, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Jay Z, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and U2. The question most Nigerian music fans are asking is where they can access these music files. There is also a search portal where you can type the song you want and check its availability.
Furthermore, you can sign-up with the website so that you can get updates of the latest release and recommendations based on your taste and preferences. You can download and use their free music for both personal and commercial use as long as you provide credit. In the community audio section you can download all kinds of audio files, ranging from the blues, country, electronic, experimental, hip hop, indie, jazz, rock and spoken word.
Therefore some of the download links might not be active or available owing to copyright issues. There some of the latest pop stars like Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Drake.

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