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We have regrettably discovered that our long-term support partner has been mismanaging recent support requests. Our clients include NEC, Disney, Samsung, Glaxo Smith Kline, iRiver America, Government departments and many more. Three different integration options are available, providing you ultimate flexibility to customize your users experience. Search results are shown directly within the page your user searches from using advanced AJAX like overlay technology.
Download our free developer version now, with all features enabled for localhost development, and free Lite edition license for your website.
Our order processor program will send your order to you instantly via email right after your payment is processed.
IMPORTANT NOTES: If you purchase the DLL version first, you may not use your payment as credit if you decide later on to get the other package with complete SOURCE CODES.

Some of us true developer-blooded just don't want to have compiled version and wanted the real deal. This role has been moved back into our development team, who look forward to providing you with fast, efficient service. We were able to seamlessly integrate Ecommercemax into our online quote and checkout processes.
Unlike any other solutions, this is NOT dependent on any middle WebService between your own hosting server and UPS. We use PAYPAL Instant Payment Notification (IPN) - which ensures that you will have immediate access to the product you purchased in seconds.
UserGuide.PDF - A step by step guide for using the component including getting the necessary UPS IDs and Licenses, specific steps on how to use the component for generating the requirements for certification. The included sample programs already include debugging output that you can just copy and paste for submitting to UPS to get your certification.

Further, this website does not imply representation of UPS or relationship with UPS in any form.
Gives out a rich set of output properties like an array of structured record of shipping rates, and more. Ecommercemax has performed flawlessly, consistently returning accurate shipping data in an instant.
Don't bust your brains trying to develop this solution from scratch, get the codes here so you can concentrate on your other tasks.

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