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Our mechanics and service adviser are BMW factory trained, worked at the BMW dealer, and have more than 30 years of experience. CouponFirst Time Visitor Special OfferMention this website and receive a FREE gift on your first visit. If people can find your business listing on Google, then you have a Google Places page where they can review you. Founded in 1912, this website is ancient, and if you remember it’s grand opening, you too are old.
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So why does it seem like most of the positive reviews are filtered out while all the negative reviews show up immediately?The Dreaded Established UserYelp remains tight lipped about their review filter, but a common denominator seems to be reviews made by established users.
Show CouponTestimonials“I feel comfortable in bringing my car to this shop, as I know they will not overcharge me.
Whether the information on business review sites is true or not doesn’t matter all that much since perception is reality. It seems that the key to getting good reviews to stick is to make sure they come from established users.
In the past 20 years, we've had over 18,363 satisfied clients, and we'd like to invite you to learn what they already know. Being a woman, most other places I have taken my care increased their prices unnecessarily simply because of my lack of knowledge of my vehicle. What your clients think about you will dictate how they respond to you. Your online brand is pretty much the first impression you will give your clients whether you like it or not which is why keeping an eye on review websites is not only key but a necessity in being a successful restoration company.
Because, having worked in the industry for years, I've yet to come across a great solid resource solely dedicated to an industry as large and changing as property restoration! So what is an established user?The established user is becoming the strong pawn across the board on review sites.

According to a study conducted in 2012, a half a star rating increase for various tested restaurants resulted in an increase for 7pm reservations by 30 – 49%. Because these paying subscribers have money to back their subscription fees and they’re planning on spending it. The more time, information and personal touch a user gives their own personal account on these review sites, the more “established” Yelp views their profile.But Yelp will not tell you their guidelines on what makes an established user.
Based on a grading system (memories of high school come flooding back), businesses receive an average A, B, C, D, or F rating based on the summation of their reviews. That will be your Google Places listing, and if you haven’t already, you should claim it as your business, fill out the criteria, and monitor it. Yelp allows users to post reviews to various companies which are approved by Yelp (based on the amount of high quality, frequent reviews that user has posted).
It was helpful to have the car on the hoist to see the CV problems and to examine fluid related problems. Now iPhone and iPad users as well as previous generations that will update to the new IOS 6 will have Yelp streamlined into their maps app.Apple maps users will be able to access snippets of Yelp reviews all directly in their map.
Within the app as users are looking for their destination or just a place to eat, the app shows restaurants, stores and more with small pins. Once a user clicks a pin the Yelp review plus how many stars it has appears and users can go deeper and open up to find more photos, information and of course reviews. I wish all mechanics tried as hard as you do!Robert V., Volkswagen Driver“I trust them like a patient trusts a doctor.
With Apple products having a huge share of the mobile and tablet markets, this opens not just the social window but the vast mobile avenue for Yelp.G-d help us!If you’d like to learn how seo4anyone is working with local businesses to improve their Yelp ratings and reviews check out the main pages of our site. Together my two Volkswagens have a quarter million miles, Uptown Imports keeps them running.Claus P.
Although there are several thousand review sites out there, the leading ones are Four Square, Yahoo Local, Angies List, City Search, Google Places, Urban Review, Trip Advisor, Open Table, and of course the most popular of them all, Yelp.

You can find more information on our SEO for Small Business page.Feel free to discuss below. All these sites in essence are very similar with certain ones branching out to different specialties.Yelp, Four Square and Google Places are three of the most popular review sites reviewing everything from restaurants to industrial machinery companies.
So acquiring good, honest and positive reviews is critical to your company’s success and reputation.Some background about YelpYelp is the leading review site on the web.
They got it done.Nancy Krant & John Oliva, Audi & VW Drivers“Good honest folks with exceptional haircuts. It was founded in October of 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman and has become a quasi-report card for businesses around the globe.
They get over 53 million unique visitors per month and over 20 million reviews (source: Mashable). It is no surprise that businesses want a strong positive presence on Yelp and so should you!When they first started, their review filters were generic and weak. This lead to many business owners boasting hundreds of great reviews about their own business and slandering their competition. Anyhow, if I should happen to be in Minneapolis when my car needs work, I know where to take it.
It takes into account many different variables to weed out the true reviews from the fake ones.Why Are You Filtering My Good Reviews??!!

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