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This website has a good colour scheme as I think their target marketing is mostly younger users group, whom concerned about their appearance. It was made by Tim Berners-Lee and dedicated to information on the World Wide Web project. RapidSSL is a leading certificate authority, enabling secure socket layer (SSL) encryption trusted by over 99% of browsers and customers worldwide for web site security.
Although web design is becoming easier, it still requires expertise - especially if you want a web site that is effective, interactive and makes a lasting impression on visitors. Nailing It provides complete web site design and development, from your original concept through to the site's appearance, its structure and capabilities. There's practically no limit to how you can communicate on the web directly with prospective clients. Applications can be custom built or developed through a commercial application framework, understanding that all of these tools take a lot of customization and tailoring to your specific brand. Although WordPress is a one click setup it only includes the installation.To maximize the benefits and potential of your new blog you need to properly intall plugins and extra features for the site to be benefecial to you. We take care of everything involved in hosting your web site so you can focus on growing your business.
We deliver services that are flexible to accommodate any type of business and which fit within any budget. In this page as I mentioned some of the styling of typography, the designer used as many as font he wants without keeping in mind to use the minimum amount of font faces.
Sizes of the fonts are not good and they are not readable, especially on top of the page for navigation there is no gap between the words and logo of the site.
Some of the paragraphs are centered and some of them are aligning left, there is no harmony between alignments of the paragraphs. One of the hundreds mistakes in this website is the white fonts with the green color back ground which is now behind of write navigation, and you cannot ever read it. Also there is no balance in putting text boxes in the page; you don't know where to start reading.

Although in comparison with the other two examples this page used less number of fonts but without putting an appropriate space between the lines still the read ability of this page is not good and also with using too much color for the texts and text-background make the page look so busy in first glance. One of the other things that I can mention is using the uppercase font for the whole text and makes it too much colorful, but none of them in the main area are links, but the style which has been used for them is like the links style. We believe there are a number of compelling reasons which make our blog the web design blog of your choice. Today, we’ll provide a list of Free Web Templates using textures to give web pages a more natural feel.
This entry was posted in Free Website Templates, Textures in Free Templates and tagged Free Template, free templates, Free Web Template, Free Web Templates, free website template, free website templates, rich texture, rich textures, texture, texture of paper, texture of wall, texture of wood, textures, wooden textures. WordPress is pretty popular at present and you may try to start with it as well as with any other platform. I think this site has a good colour scheme because they use the right colours that are relevant to their business concept. Therefore, as I think the company want to represent their website as youthful, fresh, new and bright. At onlyA $60A for a one year Certificate, Instant SSL remains the most cost-effective SSL Certificate available today.
Whether youa€™re starting a new blog or just want to give your current site a makeover, youa€™ll get a great looking website that you can control and update. The best number is two; you can use one type of san-serif font for body and one type of serif font for titles. Also he mixed the presentation layer with structure with putting all the presentation code in HTML codes. Also as I mention in the picture in the red circle we can see that the there is a cream box with the gray font in it, the contrast of these two color is not enough for the readability of the words. As we can see on top of the page those two lines are stick together and also there is no word spacing and letter spacing in the style. Firstly, we offer an outstanding selection of free web templates; secondly, we feature free templates from different companies, and the last but not the least, we share links to websites where you can download the templates you like (each screenshot is a link).

Most often designers use organic textures such as the textures of wood, wool, wall and paper. Thurs, these made the website looks more interesting and eye catching for their target users. As it looks simple and it does also represent the Japanese culture and their type of business very well.
For the navigations we can use same font in serif or san-serif with different style in order to make it look different.
Also we can see that there is a word "forum" with an image on its background, choosing the dark color for the fonts with the black background for the images makes it hard to read. By the way, nine times out of ten a texture becomes a background image which denotes a further development of a website.
They used back colour as a background, and red and white for the text font, which make it more easy to read and more visible. On the left hand side in the navigation bar there is a blue font on the yellow background which it is too small even for people with a good eye sight, so what will happen if a person with a difficulty in seeing wants to read this text!
A great resource where you can discuss the topic and discover opinion of those who have already got the experience and are ready to share it with you.
Moreover, they used monochrome scheme for the background images as there are dark blue and light lighter blue and also used of gradient to highlight on logo area. CuzYa is a web design application requiring no experience in web development to make a site for free.
The high contrast colour of dark text with lighter background, which makes the text looks more comfortable to read.

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