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For a small static website, including graphic design, domain registration and one year's web hosting, the cost to design and build a typical five page site may be as low as ?600, and may take as little as a week to be up and running. For a more complex database driven and content managed system, we have found that a clearly defined development process is needed to scope out the likely costs and timescales involved. This is an opportunity for you to find more about us and for us to discuss and understand your business and website requirements.
We will explore with you in more detail your requirements and aims, and produce a detailed specification. As part of this process we will agree with you what you will need to provide us with (text, images, data) to allow us to complete the site for you.

We will review and test the completed website with you to identify any last minor modifications. We will then test the web site for browser compatibility and standards compliance before putting your site live.
Once your website is live we will correct any faults and make minor changes free of charge for a period of one month after the go live date.
We will then write a short proposal for your project with an estimated cost for stages 2 - 4.
This will include the proposed graphic design, user feel, layout, structure and functionality of your web site.

This specification together with estimated costs will be reviewed with you so you can decide whether you wish to proceed.
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