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Take a look at the collection below and let your viewers know that the Website is under construction.
This blog is dedicated to sharing creative and inspirational resources for Graphics, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Video Production, Tutorials and WordPress. Hey dude thanks so much for sharing, excellent content, there should be more site like this.
Under construction and coming soon website templates have a higher significance in web design.
So, when you hire a design agency and under normal condition, a week or two would be crucial to come up with the final design, in this period you don’t want to keep your website blank and hence the need to underconstruction and coming soon templates arise. I know you must be thinking that these options are too many to decide, but in my opinion more options can give you a broad idea of situation and hence using the above under construction and coming soon templates can give you a unique boost up to your business or service.

Let us know which of the above templates did you like the most, and do subscribe our email subscription to get more free templates in your inbox time to time.
You may have a old website with a old theme that you want to redesign and incorporate those missing features. All those flat designs with responsive features would take a bit time and that time has to be perfected for a relaunch. This time, however, you can not only appreciate the good work, but also you can build on it. Its highly recommended to stay updated with the current trends otherwise your website would degrade gradually.
Your regular visitor should know when you website is coming back online and what features can they expect.

To make all of these things sorted out properly, take a look at the selection of free templates we have collected from the web for under construction and coming soon websites and web pages. You can edit these source files and create your own desired look and feel using these templates.

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