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Download Free Blogger Templates, Free Wordpress Themes, Free Joomla Templates, Free CSS Templates, Free Php-Fusion Themes, Free Web Templates, Free Flash Templates and Free CMS Templates, Find webmasters, web designers, SEO techs, web developers, designers PHP experts, SEO advice, marketing tips and resources. Take a look at the collection below and let your viewers know that the Website is under construction. This blog is dedicated to sharing creative and inspirational resources for Graphics, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Video Production, Tutorials and WordPress. Hey dude thanks so much for sharing, excellent content, there should be more site like this. The use of premium under construction HTML website templates and layouts is a brilliant idea. Instead of old, conventional and plan notice of “site under construction” or “page not found” these templates and layouts are better in many aspects. Through these premium under construction HTML website templates and layouts you will be able to inform your regular visitors about your present status. So having a creative under construction template for your site, is a mark of professionalism and uniqueness in business.
As the author implies, this minimal, super clean template can be used for several purposes: either for showcasing your product or mobile application or for staying in touch with your online readers, though the latter option sounds more beneficial and appropriate. Strip away all unnecessary graphics, images, eye-catching backgrounds and extra decorations, just place your message on a clean monochrome canvas, provide users with a small unobtrusive subscription bar and RSS feed and do not forget about creating a striking contrast between a copy and a backdrop as well as choose sharp typography and you will get a quite plain yet comprehensible and elegant solution for communication with your online readers. Want users come and stay for a while on your website then resort to a little bit off the beaten path design solution. It features combination of red, black and white colors, brute typography for displaying your title, graphic with shadows, slightly unclear italic font for reflecting your chief message and tiny monochrome icons that all together provide the theme with a rough yet unique old-school appearance that will certainly surprise users since they are accustomed to less extravagant designs. Here, an elegant and refined appearance is accomplished through subtle grayish coloring, well-crafted graphics with sleek shadows and solid typography that naturally cooperate with each other. The template is designed with mobile app developers in mind who need a robust solution for preparing online audience to their upcoming product and keeping up to date those who already appear to be interested.

Here everything is riding on a contrast that enormously reinforces the design aesthetics as well as increases usability and contributes to user experience. If you have already purchased a domain but you are still waiting for your website to be ready, then try out this gorgeous cutting-edge template that is populated with superfine features such as flexible layout, retina support, smooth transitions as well as refined flat style graphics and lots of whitespace.
Under constructions doesn’t have to apply just to sites that are currently online and live, they can also be used for new projects getting ready to launch Honlapkeszites.
I think they are a really handy tool for that reason, if these types of under construction pages are done well, kept intriguing and well designed – I personally think it will keep people coming back for updates of your project to see when something becomes available. CSS Heaven 2 is a free CSS Template suitable for small business websites and blogs.This template is released under GPL License. SilverBlog is a minimal template suitable for blog designs that has been built with HTML5 and CSS.
Since these templates have the option of signing up for the visitors to get email updates, it gives you a chance to obtain potential readers and subscribers for your upcoming site.
In that way you could maintain the communication with your existing viewers through these under construction templates.
While the design of this theme is definitely worth your attention, the functional side also has something to show off.
As usual, the choice falls for classic and I would say classy combination of black and white colors that perfectly interact with any other complementary, modern flat tone. It is an excellent option for those who cannot wait to start winning over clients and customers through organizing subscription in a visually-appealing way. A fresh and stylish appearance in tandem with even a minor functionality is able to bring lots of benefits, giving a great boost to your business in advance.
Because closing the entire site for maintance (or any other reason) is bad for visitors and bad for search engines.
And this exactly what we have for you in today news round-up: 5 New High Quality CSS and HTML Templates.

This time, however, you can not only appreciate the good work, but also you can build on it. If you are planning to have a website and want to make your potential visitors aware of that site then you can take the help of these free and premium under construction HTML website templates and layouts. Where as in the old and traditional under construction pages these facilities were not available.
They will be happy to know that you are planning to offer something better and more exciting for them.
All you need to do is to search the best suited template for your business, download, install and use it for free. Of course, you are able to easily set your own primary coloring but the theme already looks amazing, stylish and harmonious, so that sometimes it is quite pleasant to get a template, where you should only replace sample info with your own and nothing more, like in this case. You can fast edit this Simple under construction page by means of well-known editors like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, or FrontPage to correspond your exact tastes. You can edit these source files and create your own desired look and feel using these templates. Other than these, you can use them if you are planning to redesign your site or bring some major changes to your website. In case you find customizing not easy, you could order our templates customization service, and we will live up to all your instructions at affordable prices.
During the changing or the building process of your site these templates can be the source to maintain a good relationship with your potential and existing viewers.

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