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FlipQuiz is an amazing freeware web service that’s sure to excite elementary school teachers.
Sign up is the usual process; click the sign-up link at the top right corner, provide the details like username, password, email etc.
As illustrated by the above screenshot, the primary web UI of FlipQuiz isn’t too cluttered, and just has a few buttons and options here and there. As illustrated by the above screenshot, each quiz board can have a maximum of six categories of questions.
Here’s a sample quiz board, with both questions and answers added, under the sample category “Smartphones”.
Step 2: If you want, you can add an optional image and tags to make your quiz board distinct.
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Obviously, once your quiz board has been created, you can use it to quiz your target audience (students etc.). FlipQuiz is a great freeware service, especially for educators, as it makes tedious (but important, nevertheless) activities like quizzes fun and interactive.
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An easy-to-use application that will enable you to schedule it to launch any program you want.Set your time to open a file or launch an application and start timer and our program will launch it for you.Very useful when you want to launch your download manager at a specific time and you want to go to sleep! Know others ip address via messenger onlyAdd the person in yahooif the person comes online you can know his ipnot needed to chat with the person or send him a fileI found this trick now.Install kaspersky internet security. Some people say Google Talk is nice because of its minimalistic design, but they coudn't use an Instant Messenger that doesn't have smileys and font customization. It can be used to create quiz boards and fill them up with questions, which can be classified into categories, based on topics, subjects etc. To do that, all you have to do is click on Presentation View icon after the name of your board. After all the questions have been asked, you can simply click on their point tiles again and they are available for re-use. Features like easy addition of questions and answers, ability to embed online images and hyperlinks, and re-usable quiz boards make FlipQuiz even more amazing. We’re glad to hear that you like it and are grateful that you’ve posted this article to help others get started!
FlipQuiz is indeed an amazing web application, and for sure makes test-reviewing a lot more engaging and fun. Please check back regularly for more free worksheets, activities and cartoons by Tim van de Vall.

Find the "skin_name".xml file, where "skin_name" is the name of the skin, and open it using notepad or wordpad. You can use FlipQuiz to create custom quiz boards and add custom question categories to them.
You can choose to either add only the questions, or their answers as well (each of the question box has a corresponding answer box below it). In presentation view, your created quiz board is presented in full screen (optional), and can be interacted with, using mouse pointer.
Click on each image below to open the PDF file in your browser, and download the file to your computer. The quiz boards can be created just using the questions, or by including the answers as well. The questions and answers can be formatted with standard text formatting options (Bold, Italics, Underline etc.).
The best thing is that, unlike physical quiz cards, which have none to limited re-use, FlipQuiz’s virtual quiz cards can be re-used over and over again, and are saved to your free account, making them available on any computer via a simple login. And of course, all of your quiz boards are synced and saved to your free account, so they can be re-used any number of times as desired.

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