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Reviews are in and the 2016 big game will not go down down as a great Super Bowl or a memorable telecast the Half Game Show was Twisted, Racist & Lackluster and the commercials were the worst ever accompanying a super bowl. Well it Looks Like the Patriots, Panthers, or Cardinals are most likely to win super bowl 50 or will it be the Green Bay Packers or Vikings, maybe the Broncos or Bengals?
The historic record setting Patriots Super Bowl win lead by MVP Tom Brady, 37 who now rivals Joe Montana as the greatest quarterback of all time. The 47th Super Bowl game was between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2012 season. Wikipedia Super Bowl XLVII and remember when the New York Giants you proved themselves world Champions and squeaked by the mighty New England Patriots 21a€“17 in the exciting 2012 Super Bowl XLVI! Free a?… Football Clipart: graphics to show support your favorite NFC West division NFL football team the Arizona Cardnals, St. Click download a larger version this funny animals sports fan picture;it goes without saying, every game is better with Bud Light!
This website page has free clipart and funny pictures of fans and stuff from all teams in the National Football League (NFL), NFC & AFC, NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST: Free football team clipart on this page is from the NFC West division which consists of the Arizona Cardnals, St. The NFL football and football team clipart on this page is not public domain but free only for fair non-commercial use the NFL and various teams retain the copyrights and trademarks for commercial purposes as their own. They are tied with Terry Bradshaw with four Super Bowl victories, and Brady has appeared in a record six Super Bowls with three MVPs. It was played as scheduled on February 1, 2015, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, home of the Arizona Cardinals.[2] This will be the second Super Bowl played in that stadium, and the third one held in the Phoenix metropolitan area.
Winners of the showdown for the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Vince Lombardi Trophy and world championship at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 5. New England Patriots (5-0): The best of Tom Brady in the win over the Colts came under standard pressure, throwing his three touchdown passes against four pass rushers or less. Cincinnati Bengals (6-0): Andy Dalton having great games is sometimes about keeping it short, with 20 of his 33 passes in the win against the Bills, including three TDs, coming within 5 yards of the line scrimmage. Green Bay Packers (6-0): Part of the celebrations were due to Aaron Rodgers making it to 30,000 passing yards in his career. Carolina Panthers (5-0): The Panthers scored four touchdowns in their win over the Seahawks, all of them off of drives of at least 80 yards. Denver Broncos (6-0): Manning is famous for his interceptions this season, but he did throw a touchdown in the fourth quarter to help bring overtime. Arizona Cardinals (4-2): While the loss probably hurt, having someone like John Brown on the team (10 receptions, 196 yards) doesna€™t hurt in the long run.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-3): The Eagles have their way with the Giants (almost as usual) and DeMarco Murray getting 78 yards before contact made a huge difference, more than in his first four games combined. Indianapolis Colts (3-3): A 21-20 lead turned into a 34-27 loss because Andrew Luck had problems in the second half, completing less than 50% of his passes against standard pressure and was sacked three times. Minnesota Vikings (3-2): Teddy Bridgewater had something special going with Stefon Diggs in the win against the Chiefs, targeting him nine times and connecting seven, resulting in 129 yards. Buffalo Bills (3-3): The win-loss tradition continues, which means a victory in London for Buffalo? San Diego Chargers (2-4): Philip Rivers had a great game in the loss to the Packers (503 yards, two touchdowns) but his mistake on the final possession and missing open receivers or going for it himself makes it all useless. Seattle Seahawks (2-4): Two Super Bowls in a row or no, being unable to be consistent on offense, cover tight ends or hold on to a fourth quarter leads makes the Seahawks a very troubled team right now.
Miami Dolphins (2-3): Ita€™s incredible what a new head coach does to a team in terms of passion and drive, but Ryan Tannehill still threw two interceptions in the win over Tennessee. New Orleans Saints (2-4): Maybe the connection with Benjamin Watson is going to be what turns Drew Brees into a consistent great quarterback again, and the Saints into a team to be reckoned with in the NFC South. San Francisco 49ers (2-4): Despite all the jokes and the losses, Colin Kaepernick is putting together a pretty nice season. Dallas Cowboys (2-3): After three consecutive losses, are hoping that changing from Brandon Weeden to Matt Cassel will stop the fall. Chicago Bears (2-4): At least this week, the Bears can blame their momentum stopping because of the officials gifting one touchdown to the Detroit Lions. Houston Texans (2-4): One of the things Brian Hoyer does better than Ryan Mallett is work with DeAndre Hopkins. Oakland Raiders (2-3): Derek Carr has improved in every notable way so far in his second season, as the Raiders are a surprising 15th in the NFL in passing yards.
Cleveland Browns (2-4): If the Browns keep allowing teams to get to Josh McCown as easily as the Broncos did, ita€™s going to be a very long season. Washington Redskins (2-4): Eight interceptions through the first six games of the season isna€™t enough to convince Jay Gruden he needs a different quarterback. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3): After a bye week, the Bucs are hoping their pass rush starts getting some sacks and hits on quarterbacks, while Winston drags himself up from the lower part of the quarterback rankings so far this season.
Detroit Lions (1-5): The old plan of simply throwing it to Calvin Johnson and hoping for the best seems to work again. Tennessee Titans (1-4): Turns out that if theya€™re not facing the Bucs, the Titans struggle to score or stop anyone else from scoring.

Baltimore Ravens (1-5): While the terrible field had a part to play in the Ravens botching a key field goal attempt, their defense is sending their season into the trash bin. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5): Blake Bortles did everything for the Jags in their loss to the Texans.
Theya€™re the 16th team to get to double-digit wins without a defeat in the Super Bowl era. The game was played on February 3, 2013 at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hea€™s done it in the fewest passing attempts ever (3652) and is fourth fastest in the number of games it has taken him (116). It was the first offensive touchdown by the Broncos in 26 offensive drives, the previous one coming in the third quarter of their week 4 game.
He has scored a rushing touchdown in five consecutive games, the first Falcons player to do it since Michael Turner in 2012. Louis Rams (2-3): Two things that need to happen so the Rams can somehow close in on the Arizona Cardinals. Considering hea€™s the teama€™s most important offensive player right now, ita€™s quite important. Explination of how the NFL is divided: The NFL is divided into two conferences the NFC which stands for National Football Conference and the NFC which stands for National Football Conference each of these is divided into 4 divisions, North South East and West. Landry Jones was 8-of-12 for 168 yards and 2 touchdowns, with all of his throws also coming from beyond. Nick Foles has to stop throwing so many interceptions, and Todd Gurley needs to start punching through into the end zone. AND Since the start of the Super Bowl, 6 of the 15 teams to get to 10 wins and no losses won the Super Bowl. The rookie free agent from West Alabama made a goal-line interception that prevented Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette from catching a go-ahead TD pass from quarterback Russell Wilson.
They are: the Dolphins in 1972, the Bears 1985, the Giants in 1990, in 1991 the Redskins, in 1998 the Broncos and in 2009 it was the Saints.

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