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The set contains almost every icon you need for designing web application, e-Commerce and general websites. The icons are truly drawn by hand, provides a rich pencil sketch feel and will be perfect for designs using sketchy style. I needed to dream up some alternative icon backgrounds for a project the other day, and here they are for you to download for free. Blog bioBased near Duns, Berwickshire, Scottish Borders Website Design is dedicated to providing affordable, original and reliable website solutions for businesses in the Borders.
This is the last free set of icons in this particular range; all yours to download for free and make use of as you wish. Some time back icon sets covering music, communications and the home were uploaded that made use of a hovering circular button, with a high gloss interior and a thin metallic surround. This is an alternative set of flat solid green communications icons that are free to download and use. Following on from the communications and music icons in this glossy hovering button range, the following icons relating to the home are now available to download for free. Communication icons are often commonly used within website design and online presentations. This entry was posted in Icon Design and tagged 3d social media icons, free social media icons, social media icons free commercial use, social media icons vector, vector social media icons, vector social media icons set.

All of them are vector icons, they are completely scalable, and can be used widely in your user interface, package labels, sticker, mobile apps, and more.
You can also combine them with handwritten fonts to add some personal touch to your design. The set features 3D style speech bubbles which you can drop a symbol onto to make your own personal icons, ideal for social media buttons, chat room icons or forum posts. These are royalty free icons and there is no need to obtain a license or provide a link to the Scottish Borders Website Design blog or site.
We excel at designing beautiful websites that are both cost effective and powerful marketing tools. As with other music icon sets, this one features back, next, stop, pause, play, record, fast forward and rewind buttons.
As with other home sets, this one features a light bulb, house, jar, plug, book, CD, t-shirt and present symbols represented by a white outline. This series features floating angled tiles with each symbol represented as a white outline.
The set below features the blank backgrounds for these icons and they can be downloaded for free and adapted to your own design requirements. This one features a white tile background with a light bulb, house, jar, plug, book, CD, t-shirt and present in solid green.

The home set features a light bulb, house, jar, plug, book, CD, t-shirt and present icon on a blue background. If you’d like to make use of the following glossy button style icons please feel free. This is our blog, and it features updates on recent website projects, tips about online marketing and comments on the latest IT news. Just create your own symbols, drop them on top and you have your own professional icons in a range of 8 colours!
Each icon set contains back, next, stop, pause, play, record, fast forward and rewind buttons on a white tile background with the slightest of drop shadows. These icons don’t make use of any gradient fills so if you need to tweak the colour by altering the hue you should be able to make them match your exact requirements. As the icons are on a white background they can also be isolated and used without the background tile.

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