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SEO Academy - Helping small business of British Columbia to establish Internet presence and succeed online.
We will provide further support to you and your staff by configuring Google Analytics account to track the right data. For Business Partner who have a reports section on their own website please include the url to download the report from your site. In the 'Tags' field you may add the same information as you did in the Discussion Title field. If you do not have the free report already available on your own website, you may attach it by using the ‘Attach Files’ field.
Then you may use a line or two telling the user what your company is about and adding some contact information such as: contact name, email, website and contact number.

Below is an example template for adding your own free report templates, add your own information in the required fields.
Describe how the user would be able to use this free report with a summary of its solution features. If you used the attachment feature instead: Your Free Report is attached below, simply right-click and select ‘save-as’ to download. Fill out the form to request your complimentary website Search Engine Optimization analysis report. I would gladly recommend Alex as someone who understands his field and is comfortable sharing his skills and knowledge. Sage Alchemex is not responsible for and does not support any report templates from third-party consultants and report writers.

This complimentary website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis report will reveal details on what your website is lacking. Please be prepared for customers to contact you directly with support queries on your report templates that they have downloaded off the Free Report Templates Group.

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