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Do you love playing pranks on your friends by changing your voice and speaking differently? I recently came across this Free Voice Changer Software called MorphVOX Junior, that lets you sound like a man, if you are a female and a woman, if you are a male.You can change your voice to that of a midget, a robot and many other bizarre variations in between. MorphVOX Junior is great for prank calling friends via instant messaging services and VoIP and this software is also optimized for online games. MorphVOX Junior works on windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.Download the free Voice Changer Software from here and enjoy. Students who record lectures, business users who record meetings, or an aspiring artist who records ideas on the go.
While it does offer the ability to lock the app and protect your recording, it doesn’t support Touch ID.
Sharing: Share Sheet, email (multiple at once), Box, Dropbox, Wi-Fi, Web dev, Google Drive, FTP, Sugar Sync, and Skydive. While Recorder Plus is a fantastic app, has a wealth of professional features, it isn’t always my go-to app when I need to make a recording. Just Press Record also takes advantage of the newest features in iOS and the Apple ecosystem. It has a relatively low barrier to entry, with most features coming in for the single $1.99 purchase price. It doesn’t support iCloud Drive but you can sync all of your files to a linked Dropbox account which could even be more ubiquitous and allow more accessibility. Probably my favorite feature is as you are recording, you can flag important areas of the recording, and can easily jump to them upon playback. It has new iOS features like 3D Touch on newer Apple devices so you can record from your Home screen. This means you can easily be recording a lecture, while taking written notes at the same time, and tie them together. This app looks a little clunky, but it has one killer feature that makes it worth consideration.
If you opt for the pro version for $2.99, you get Noise Gate which boosts clarity, reduces background noise, and increases volume.

This free voice lesson should be listened to at a time and in a place where and when you can dedicate your complete attention. Then you need a Voice Changer Software that lets you modify your voice to match your personality. This free Voice Changer has several built-in voices and sound effects that make it very convenient to use. This voice changer can even send out car screeches and drum rolls with a push of a key, mouse or joystick button. Note that there is also a Pro version, which has many advanced features for morphing voices. There are just countless offerings from large companies, to one off developers. There was a number of different criteria that went into our ranking. That is one thing I expect these days in any app that is password protected, however not many others include password protection, let alone Touch ID, so it isn’t as if this is behind the competition. It has a wealth of features, though a UI that is a bit dark and skeuomorphic for today’s design aesthetic. Inside the app there is limited organizational features aside from custom names for the files. This helps reduce background noise, and amplify voices for those that talk quietly, or are far away from the mic. This is only available from within the app, but very useful if you want to mark different areas of a meeting. Handily, one of the best features is the ability to add text, images, or markers inside the recording. Since this is Evernote, all the features come with great syncing to any device that they support. If you do, let us know down in the comments, as well as any suggestions on which type of apps we should cover next.
Smart Record lets you time stamp and flag the recording but if you really need to take notes that sync time with the audio, check out Notability or AudioNote. In this free downloadable voice lesson, we are going to be learning how to eliminate muscle control over your sound.

You are going to be getting into your body and discovering how your body feels as you make your sounds.
This program is not meant to be used when you are operating heavy machinery, motor vehicles or anything that could be labeled as a device, please use your own discretion while participating in this lesson.
If you are experiencing chronic inflammation or suspect you may have any kind of vocal disorder please consult with your doctor prior to participating in this lesson.
You can choose which quality to record in, however if you want M4A support, you must purchase it via in-app purchase.
The app is clearly meant to be the place to store your files as you can easily organize them, and group them into folders. So if you recorded an hour long meeting, you could take photos of the presentation, then on playback, see that image and the time stamp it is relevant. This is super important if you want to have a free, effortless use of your voice; and I know you really want that.
I love honey and biscuits, the color green, the smell of cinnamon, the sound of a banjo, the feel of a homemade quilt, and the twang of good ole’ fashioned country music! To break through the crowded hodge podge that is the App Store, we went searching for some of the best apps around for taking audio recordings. Inside the app it offers decent organizational options such as custom file names and folders. That it has a desktop companion that it shares files with via iCloud makes it that much better. When you playback your recordings, you can change the speed, as well as trim them if need be. We are going to be letting go of the need to sound good, because that need contributes to muscle tension. But on the flip side, if you purchase everything, it winds up being the most expensive option on the list.

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