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31st, 2014, is full-featured computer answering machine software that picks up calls for you while you are away. EzVoice is shareware, you can freely try this fully functional computer answering machine program for 15 days.
The EzVoice project was started in the year 2000 and has been through many improvements over the years. EzVoice utilizes your dialup modem as a voice telephone device to pick up phone calls for you. Yes, many people from other countries have reported that EzVoice has worked successfully on their computers.
This indicates that you have already installed EzVoice on your computer, and EzVoice is currently running.
Please make sure there are no other similar phone answering or recording programs running at the background e.g.
Please make sure your modem is a voice modem, you can find this information under Modem and Call under Setup menu on the EzVoice main window.

If EzVoice displays that your modem is not a voice modem but your modem user manual or packaging box mentioned its answering machine capabilities, this may indicate the wrong installation of the modem driver. Please make sure Automatic Answer is selected under Tools menu on the EzVoice main window.
If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, please make sure EzVoice is not installed under limited user account so EzVoice has both write and read access right to its directory. If you are running on XP with SP2, please be aware that windows XP will automatically update your modem driver from time to time.
If you successfully used EzVoice before but it stopped functioning after upgrade to XP SP2, you can simply update your modem driver with the original one came with your modem card. Notes: Personal voice messages will not be removed from the disk, and are retained for your future reference.
What's so complicated and unique about an answering machine that makes it impossible for my $1,800 Micron to do the same task? Please join other satisfied users around the world and get this computer answering machine software now.

Please check your installation CD came with your modem card, if re-installation of this modem driver does not resolve the problem, please visit modem manufacturer's web site to download the latest modem driver. In addition, make sure no other devices is plugged to the modem jack marked Phone as some modems may have problems in answering calls when this jack is plugged with telephone devices. Thankfully, I discovered EzVoice, and my frustration has abated to publicly acceptable levels.
If this happens, please let windows notify you of such an installation so you can discard these modem driver updates.

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