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Any Video Converter is a simple video converter which can convert video files from various formats with fast converting speed and excellent video quality . Visit developer's site Download Any Video Converter Free Version 5.9.5 (direct link) Bundleware alert!
Used it last night and watched movie in lounge room great quality, surround sound, only problem, ran out of popcorn !
Still my go-to converter , been using it for about a year once set up just load your movies and press the button, easy as ! I just drag&drop the files, choose the extension in the dropdown-list, set the video and audio settings in the right pane - push the "Convert"-button (German version) and the files are always in synch, usable 'out-of-the-box' and playing back smoothly.
The features are not meant for high-end encoding for knowledgeable users with special expectations, but for everyday needs - a fine thing! I have to give AVC a 10 for working as well as it does and being free without any irritating nags.
I used to use Any Video Converter Free to convert my video files to mpeg2 for DVD creation.
Download beta = It could be a BETA, RC(Release Candidate) and even a ALPHA version of the software.
Download 64-bit version = If you have a 64bit operating system you can download this version.
Image to PDF Converter Free is a program with an obvious title - it allows you to convert image files of various formats (including JPG, TIF, PNG and BMP) to PDF file format. This is a simple-to-use application, so you can easily navigate within the interface's features. In addition, you can select all items in the list and invert the selection, move them up and down, as well as change the interface skin. Image to PDF Converter quickly finishes a conversion task and offers to open the output files when it finishes. All in all, Image to PDF Converter comes with the necessary and suffice elements for image-to-PDF conversion but it doesn't offer anything more than that. Tutorials HTML5 brings many great features that we can start using now, and many of them lie within forms and inputs. HTML5 introduces a few new attributes that we can add to our inputs, but first let's look at our labels. The issue with keeping labels looking like they're inside the form field is; when the user starts typing, the meaning of the input is removed and is no longer visible. We wrap the label around the input and span tags, which allows the user to actually 'click' on the label text and their cursor will automatically focus on the corresponding input field. Next we can look at the HTML5 placeholder attribute, which allow us to hint more information as to what the field is about and what the user can do with it.
Now we've enhanced our form a little more, let's look at the updated HTML5 tabindex attribute.
Required fields are also an important aspect of validation and getting the necessary information from your users. The required attribute triggers behaviour in the browser, instead of the developer having to setup an alert, or text to show the validation error has occurred because the field is required.
Now we've got some great fields setup, let's look how can enhance it further and help out the end user.
Now we've added some great attributes to enhance the inputs, let's look at changing the input types to HTML5 input types to enhance mobile experience too.
These three input types tell the browser what to expect in the field, validating it for you on the fly, and do come in really handy when also using a mobile or tablet.

Putting the above together, we can look at the finalised markup, with some heading tags to instruct the user. In terms of browser compatibility, if the browser doesn't support the HTML5 input type, it will simply degrade itself to a text input type, which saves us creating a fallback. To style our form, we'll use some special CSS selectors to target our fields, instead of giving each an ID or class. Box-sizing is supported in Internet Explorer 8 and above and is definitely the way forward from a CSS reset perspective. CSS3 allows us to style the HTML5 placeholder text colours, which is great for that additional touch.
Here we'll create a few tests with JavaScript to test on whether the browser in use supports some of the attributes we've used, which sets us up nicely for creating some fallbacks.
For the required attribute, each project will possibly take a different solution, client-side or server-side validation.
For the placeholder attribute, this one you can either leave as an HTML5-only enhancement, and provide no fallback. The above script checks that the element exists on the page, this prevents any errors being thrown. Now we've created an awesome HTML5 contact form, ready for integrating into any project, it's fully extendable, so rip it apart and get to use.
Taking what we've learned in this tutorial and applying it to existing and future websites, will help us take hold of new and evolving technologies as they arise. I feel that forms are often one of the last quick-finishes to a website, so here's a great boilerplate to get you started on a standards-compliant, HTML5, CSS3, responsive-ready form with custom JavaScript feature detections setup for the latest technology. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel.
Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0You can leave a response, or trackback. If not happy with avg toolbars etc , on install , choose "custom installation" and DON'T click any options ie. Fast and easy to use, common profiles set with intelligent defaults, supports batch encoding and file merging. Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions. No errors have occurred during our tests and you may be interested in checking out a well-written help file with tutorials and snapshots if you don't know how to get started. For example, all images are automatically converted to a single PDF document and you don't have the possibility of doing this in separate files.
Some HTML5 enhancements often require fallbacks for our projects, through polyfills or fallbacks.
A pretty bulletproof way to ensure form behaviours remain consistent and are easier to work with in CSS, we'll wrap each form label and input inside it's own div. The label element is critical to keeping the user experience of your website easy for users, the last place you want to trip people up is contacting you.
Using CSS, we can add a hover style so that when the user hovers over the text, they know they can also click it to focus the input field, as they're not always easy to focus on. Under no circumstances must you simulate the label as the placeholder, sure it's a lot easier to do, but semantically it isn't correct and usability is bad.
From a usability perspective, you'll want to hint to the user, preferably next to the label, that the field is required.

If your HTML5 form is above the fold, it's possibly a good idea to use the autofocus attribute, to save the user the hassle of having to focus in on your first input field. We have a lot of new input types to play with in HTML5, some we'll be using are email, tel and url. On iOS and Android devices (that I've tested), we get a relevant keyboard per each input type.
Though before we get started styling our inputs, we're going to rework the CSS box-model with a box-sizing declaration.
Don't forget that you'll also need the viewport meta tag, which is included in the demo and download to let your content fit to the specific screen width.
Now they're all setup to perfectly obey 100% widths, no matter the padding or borders, we can add some style using some fancy selectors. You can validate with backend code such as PHP, or validate with front-end technology such as jQuery validation scripts or your own custom one.
We use a simple if statement to check if the element exists, and if so, setup the onclick function which simply changes the innerHTML on the send button.
You can even update your existing forms with any of the code, HTML, CSS or the JavaScript feature detects. HTML5 is here to stay, and it is also available to start integrating it more and more into your projects.
We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company.
Because of that change for the worse, I no longer use Any Video Converter and no longer recommend it. It provides default conversion profiles, but altering them is easy, with options provided in drop-downs. The only shortcomings are that it doesn't support MKV output or AC3 5.1 audio (supports AC3 stereo).
Here we will show you how to create an HTML5 enhanced responsive-ready contact form with custom JavaScript feature detection.
This acts as our safety net for each form field when manipulating them with styles and even JavaScript. So what we do is keep our labels outside of our form inputs as this can be bad for the user experience. This is better and more flexible as you can have HTML content and images inside the button, whereas input is limited to text only. Now we've completed our form, let's wrap our script inside one nice self-invoking function, meaning it is created anonymously and runs immediately. It's not all about HTML5 though, making use of other technologies to enhance experience and usability on devices is also a key concern. Using the tabindex allows us to set the order in which the user can tab through the form fields. So far, the resulting converted videos have worked as predicted by the original, without introducing any artifacts or anomalies. Logically, these should be set in a chronological order, but for forms that have multiple levels or columns, you could control the order of these should you wish to direct users to certain fields before others.
The scope of the free product is limited to the most common conversions, with some of the more exotic reserved for their fairly priced 'Professional' version.

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