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Here, are 5 free websites to test typing speed online for those who want to test and improve their typing speed. Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least website to test typing speed online, Keybr. We can not deny the fact that if you look at your keyboard while typing, you can never speed up your typing speed.
Well since I have listed all of the best online typing test services and tools for your normal typing skills like typing a paragraph in english or something like that, but since I also realised that there is one more type of typing using the same keyboard which is not much common for most of us but still quite important for a lot of us as well ?? … and that is the Numbers typing. Having a good typing speed can increase the prospects of getting job as well as save valuable time in the work. Patorjk is a FREE online typing tool to check your typing speed as well as analyze your mistakes. Also known as Peter’s online typing course, typing-lessons provides great resources and east to learn lessons for improving your typing skills. Alfatyping is a FREE typing resource which can help in learning and practicing through various typing tests and typing games. Dance Mat Typing uses wacky animal characters and colorful games to make their free typing lessons fun for elementary-aged children.The students will be taken through four levels of typing lessons, each with three different stages. There are 100 free typing lessons at TypingClub, where you'll learn the alphabet keys, shift key, numbers, and symbols.
Big Brown Bear has 14 free typing lessons that take you through the process of learning all the keys on the keyboard.Something I like about this particular website is how the words come across the screen.
There are 30 free typing lessons here that tackle the keyboard two letters at a time.Before the lesson you get to set a WPM goal and choose whether you want the keyboard shown while you are learning. The speed is defined in wpm i.e Words Per Minute which means the number of words you typed in one minute. The website is different from others in the sense that it provides a virtual keyboard that helps you speed up your typing without keeping your eyes over the actual keyboard. With the advent of internet, it has become quite easy to increase your typing speed at the comfort of your home or even during leisure time at work. You can register with the site or just login through Facebook or twitter to save your typing data as well as share with the world or just start typing. Although more famous for the software version, the online version allows extreme portability and ease of use right inside your browser.

The course is created step by step according to difficulty level and also features specialty and premium lessons targeted for a more specialized interest. With five easy to follow lessons, one can slowly and gradually increase typing speed and accuracy.
Either hone your typing skills with the practice sessions or just jump into the race and see where you stand among the typists worldwide.
With many game setups to chose from, one can learn to type fast in a more enjoyable and interactive way.
It comes with a great interactive typing interface which provides great insight into typing speed and accuracy and provides fast instant results.
It comes with various typing resources which are suited for everything from a kindergarden tot to typing experts.
Alhtough it provides pretty much everything other FREE online typing services come with including FREE lessons, typing tests, games etc., Powertyping is the perfect option for people who use the Dvorak keyboard format although Qwerty based resources are also available here. It provides whole lot of information on typing speed, accuracy and even calculates the response time of each finger so that you can get an idea on where you need to give more attention to. Although one can also download the FREE typing tutor software, there is no online typing course available with rapidtyping.
With the 27 guided lessons and option to choose from 20 different keyboard types, it provides great resources to improve your typing speed significantly.
The course is designed in a simple way and all they ask is to practice each lesson a few times a day and within matter of weeks, one can become a pro at typing. It provides an easy to use typing speed calculator, but the typing experience is not as par with some of the online typing speed testing tools. With numerous lessons and exercises available, it provides great resource for anyone who would like to improve his typing speed. With various levels of touch typing speed tests, it has something for every level of typists. When a lesson is finished, you're told the time it took you to finish and the number of errors you had.
After a short introduction to the new keys, you get to begin your lesson.The time left as well as the WPM are shown at the bottom of each lesson. As you logon to TypeOnline, the left navigation column consists of typing lessons, typing speed test, copy practice, and many more.

Once you are done with this, you can now click on “start” button to begin with your typing test. It helps one master the keyboard step by step and also comes with various features like interactive games and progress analyzer. Also give a boost to your resume with a typing certificate from Typingweb at the completion of your course which is recognized by employers worldwide.
The interface is quite simple yet provides great information and hence is a great resource for beginners. Also one can create a FREE account and keep a tab on typing speed improvement or create high scores. It also comes with various lessons and tests and even provides a FREE typing certificate which one can easily print out for future prospect. Get a FREE typing certificate as well as share your typing progress in Facebook with the many features available with learn2type.
The online typing test does a good job in finding the typing speed and accuracy, but there is a need to click on the start and stop button for beginning and ending the test which affects the accuracy.
Also those who can pass the final typing test in less than three attempts are entitled with an online typing certificate. You can also show a pair of animated hands or color in the keys you are supposed to be typing. Similarly, you can test with numbers, and once you think you have enough speed, you can then practice with both words and numbers simultaneously. This one is a bit different from others in the sense that TypingTest lets you select a language in which you want to take your typing test or practice typing. Once that 60 seconds get over, the website display the results including wpm, keystrokes, correct words, and wrong words. As one minute gets over, the test will come up with your results including typing score in wpm, number of incorrect words, gross speed, and accuracy. This free website to test typing speed is extremely additive once you get that interest in typing as it displays a ranking list with your position over the website.

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