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LA may be the land of the rich and famous, but you’ll be surprised at the huge range of free experiences on offer. The architecturally wonderful buildings are worth the visit alone, as are the pretty gardens with views over the city and beyond, but the real drawcard is the art collection including originals by Van Gogh and Monet. So far removed from most people’s budgets, the boutique shops here are out-of-this-world chic. The tack-factor alone makes the Walk of Fame a must-visit. Wander the fifteen blocks of Hollywood Blvd and spot the famous names on stars lining the streets of Hollywood. One of LA’s best scenic drives, the road winds all the way from the Hollywood Hills through the Santa Monica Mountains. Surrounded by beautiful waterfront houses, the Venice canals are a relaxing place to lose yourself. This huge museum is the largest natural and historical museum in west USA, with amazing dinosaur and nature exhibits.
Another truly iconic LA experience, Malibu (and its 24 beaches) is the place where the hills meet the ocean, and the stars come to get a tan.
This beautiful 26-acre Santa Monica reserve is one of LA’s oldest parks. Hit the jogging and biking trails all along the cliff tops and you’ll be mesmerised by the scenic views over the ocean.
Watch the sun set and hear the waves crash in the background from the comfort of your picnic blanket as you watch some of the best up-and-coming talent play live music by the pier.
Also known as Place Royale this is a great place to see Bordeaux’s wonderful 18th century architecture at its most complete. This is Bordeaux’s equivalent to Paris’s Pere-Lachaise Cemetery and is the place of burial for many famous people as well as the ordinary citizens of the city.
Poised at the junction of four main roads, including one of the original 18th century gates to the city and the Rue St Catherine, the longest walking route in Bordeaux, this square has recently been refurbished to include a beautiful circular lighting design embedded in the paving.
Once a Dominican monastery dating from around 1700 and now housing state offices, this is a lovely peaceful haven of cloisters and great sculptures. Down on the quais on Sunday morning there is an organic produce market and fresh seafood galore.

The Bordeaux Cathedral consecrated in the 11th century with sections from the 11th, 13th and 14th centuries; the building dominates Bordeaux.
La Palma is often lauded as the Canary island with the best trekking potential, and therefore hiking trails abound, many of which have been traversed by local inhabitants for centuries.
As capital of the island, Santa Cruz de la Palma was once a key trade route stop on the way to the Americas, exporting products like sugarcane. With its medieval castle and haunted vaults, spectacular holiday celebrations and world-famous summer festivals, Edinburgh could capture the attention of even the most hard-to-amuse traveler and there are few better cities for a family getaway. The weird and wonderful converge around the boardwalk area, where you’ll find quirky street performers, seriously ripped bodybuilders and street vendors.
The walk only takes around 1.5 hours and you’ll be rewarded with views over LA and the Pacific Ocean. Take a leisurely stroll along the sunny pathways round the waterways; it’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
It’s usually around $12 to get in, but entry is free on the first Tuesday of the month (except July and August). Hit Surfrider Beach if you want to catch some waves, or nearby Zuma Beach is another great local haunt. Get the best deals you’ve EVER seen in the world’s top party desties from the USA to Europe and Asia. Built between 1730 and 1755 as a complete building scheme on the banks of the river Garonne and with a fountain at its center, it is wonderfully lit up at night. It is a focus of the city’s student life with great cafes during the day and bars and restaurants at night.
There are art exhibitions and other cultural events held here and sometimes concerts in the outdoor courtyard.
For an all-around tour of the island, link up with the GR130 (known as the Camino Real) that circles La Palma, spanning some 155 kilometers, and which is broken out into eight stages. The caldera once served as the last stronghold of La Palma’s indigenous people – the Gaunches – before the Spaniards took the island in the 15th century.

Make a visit there to scope out the old town and see traditional colonial architecture and Canary-style homes. So premier, in fact, that many international astronomical observatories take advantage of its ideal combination of climate and high altitude, making it the perfect location to view the universe beyond. You can adjust the volume and choose between up to three DJ’s with a flip of a switch. Whether you’ve got toddlers in tow or teenagers in need of entertaining, there are plenty of amazing things to do with kids in Edinburgh – here are some ideas.
Take a Harry Potter walking tour of Edinburgh, finishing with lunch in the famous Elephant Cafe, where J.K.
Challenge your perceptions at the wonderfully weird and wacky Camera Obscura and World of Illusions.
One of the best things about visiting Bordeaux is that you don’t have to spend money to appreciate its wonders. Or head to the south and hit the Ruta de los Volcanes (Volcano Route) or the Ruta de la Cresteria – both of which are connected by the GR131. A visit to the caldera should without a doubt include some of the aforementioned hiking, during which you can take in the rocky cliffs, waterfalls, and exotic flora and fauna.
Get in on the otherworldly experience by paying a visit to Roque de los Muchachos, the home of the Instituto de Astrofisica, or by going on one of many available guided night tours to view the stars. Each headset has a color LED that shows what channel you are listening to, so you can dance along with those listening to the same DJ as you. Find it at 3 Rue Mably, on Place du Chapelet or through a smaller door on Place des Grandes Hommes. Countless other trails await too, all well-marked and color denoted by their type: multi-day trails marked in red, day-long trails in yellow, trails of 10 kilometers or less in green.

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