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Registration appears to be done right on the front page, just by entering you name, password and email. The second screen of the add question wizard finally allows us to add the answer options for the question and also setup some other things. Although the questions look good and are flexible, I had a major technical problem when I tried to change the wording of one of my questions. I used this tool for a work effort with our executive team, and I will say this was a horrible experience. Conclusion: We are looking for a tool to help us with assessment and strategy planning surveys with our customers.
Where else do you get blogs, clubs, chat, and community all in one nice little package?"What a Membership IncludesAt the time I first published this article (somewhere around 2008), Casual Kiss offered free memberships with the caveat that perhaps at some time in the future they would charge for their services again. We will try to have a look at this survey software platform to see how good and how free it is.

However, there are several predefined styles that you can choose from and you also have the possibility to choose the language of your survey. Multiple users that filled out and completed the survey did not have their answers recorded. After sending a longer email detailing my issue and sending a more thorough report of the issue, I was never sent an email back.
The 10 day trial is done, and I can no longer access the data which is due because of the products inability to deliver results, not because I was unprepared to get all of my data out in the 10 days given. At first, the site was completely free during an extended (almost five years) beta test, and then it was sold to a company who started to charge a small monthly fee (less than $5) for full access to all of Casual Kiss' services. The site is not too informative, so we will need to create an account to find out more details related to the features they offer. That could be kind of hard if you would like to move your question 3 pages down for example.

After skimming through all of them I think I will go for QuestionPro, because it aparently offers the best instruments for analyzing the answers. I surprise how so much effort you set to create this type of excellent informative web site. I physically watched as two collegues finished the survey successfully, and then went to find their answers in the results of the survey, they were not recorded. The only nice thing for the free account seems to be the possibility to generate custom charts for multiple choice and matrix questions.
Our CEO was also unable to get his answers logged, after asking him to complete it again!!!

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