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Easily compare your monitor`s performance against another monitor, or against the performance of one of our benchmark groups (coming soon). To help you analyse long term performance, we keep detailed statistics for one full year, including failures, performance, uptime, notifications and more. As a webmaster you must have faced issues with your website being down and non-functional at unseen times, due to a server or network error. These services alert you either via email or SMS or any other modern means of contact that immediately alerts you of a downtime. These services also help you decide whether to plan upgrades or consider purchasing options that balance loads on the said network. They are categorized into three parts: Absolutely Free Uptime Monitoring Services (the majority of them, although they may have premium features), Free Uptime Monitoring Services That Require Backlinks and Uptime Monitoring Services With A Free Trial.
With a free account on this free uptime monitoring service, you can monitor up to 50 websites.
Apart from uptime and downtime monitoring, the service also helps monitor server (ping), monitoring keywords (if keywords exist or not in a webpage) and monitoring port (such as SMTP, DNS, POP). Monitis (formerly carries out free uptime monitoring that is easily customizable and has a list of interesting and useful features.
Get email alerts when your site goes down and when your site goes up with this free uptime monitoring service. If you want them to monitor your website’s uptime  every five minutes and monitor more than three websites, then you would have to go for their paid plans. Site24x7 offers free uptime monitoring services with website, network, server, port and FTP monitoring and testing SSL certificate expiry. You can customize your paid plans and avail of discounts too, as shown in their pricing page. You get five monitors for free with BinaryCanary uptime monitoring services under the free plan. Get unlimited email alerts for one site under the free plan of UptimeSpy’s free uptime monitoring service. Get weekly uptime reports and the current status of the server (whether it is up or down), for free.
To access more website monitoring features offered by the site, check out their paid plans. WebsitePulse free uptime monitoring service offers free website monitoring with limited features. In the free plan of Status Cake, you are eligible for unlimited tests at a check rate of every five minutes. MonTools provides free uptime monitoring of your website or server at regular intervals, specified by you. This free uptime monitoring service gives you downtime alerts via email, SMS, telephone, messenger and Twitter. There is no dearth to the services Google shower us with and free website monitoring is one of them. If you have lesser than 750 checks per month (which is about once an hour for a month) you can access free website monitoring from Pingability.
MyHostingUptime is a free uptime monitoring service that provides uptime monitoring of multiple sites from multiple locations in the world. Port-monitor invites its users to access the free service before they launch their paid services. UptimeFiles is a free uptime monitoring service that was recommended by our reader Alex and Nata below in comments. You get uptime monitoring for free from Uptime Doctor with 20 Push alerts per month and unlimited email alerts. Get free email alerts of your website’s uptime that is tested every hour under the free plan. Monitor Scout’s free package gives access to external monitoring from five locations.
It is a free website monitoring service that checks your site’s online status every two minutes from two different geographical location.
With three monitoring servers spread in North America, Europe and Asia, Supermonitoring offers free uptime monitoring service that tests sites every five minutes.
Dotcom-Monitor offers website, network and server monitoring along with page load monitoring and web app functionality monitoring. You can take a 30-day free trial and pricing starts from $9.95 per month to monitor 50 URLs (20 cents for one URL). Get real-time alerts on your website’s downtime, transaction monitoring, real-browser views, root cause analysis, in-depth reporting and troubleshooting with a AlertFox paid account.
Get a free trial (period of free trial not specified) and pricing starts from $19 per month. CopperEgg provides high resolution server monitoring with holistic dashboards and historical data trends. CopperEgg provides a 14-day free trial and customizable pricing that starts from $70 per month.

AreWeOnline offers real-time website monitoring, email and FTP server monitoring, website performance monitoring, content checking, website spam and blacklist notifications and domain expiration monitoring.
Monitor all your internet services and get real-time alerts via sms, email, twitter and RSS. You can monitor 5 to 50 web applications (server, http, ping, custom) and get downtime notifications via email, SMS, phone and  Twitter. These were the free uptime monitoring services listed out for you, along with their significant features. Let us know in comments the uptime monitoring service that you use or one that is not listed in this post and is free.
Service uptime free website monitoring service, Free website monitoring service checks your site from worldwide locations and alerts you instantly via email or sms when it becomes unavailable. Website uptime monitoring service, check site , Be notified via email, sms, skype, hangout when your website is down. Free website monitoring service web server monitor, 100pulse free website monitoring service monitor http, port, dns server, ftp, mysql, smtp, pop3, imap & ssh, get notified uptime downtime through instant alerts like. Website uptime monitoring service, check is site down - Be notified via email, sms, skype, hangout when your website is down.
Website monitor, website monitoring service - vertain - We offer website monitoring services ranging from uptime monitor and speed. Website uptime and response monitoring service - - Free website monitoring, uptime monitoring and performance monitoring software. Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. How can you make your life a bit easier? It is impractical to manually check the number of times your website faces unpredictable downtimes.
As soon as you receive the alert, you can get working on the the problem that caused the downtime and fix the issue in the least possible time.
It checks your site’s header and gets status codes like 200-ok or 404-not found every five minutes.
This tool not only helps you monitor your site’s uptime, but also lets you monitor your network and server performance and page load time.
This service monitor’s your site performance at multiple locations around the world, so if your site is down at one location it does not mean that it is down at another.
You will also get unlimited alerts via email, push notification, Boxcar, Pushover and Webhooks for free.
You will receive email, text, Twitter whenever your site is down (phone alerts not included in free account). It gives you a graphical analysis of the report and a PDF protocol that is created for 30 days after each failure in the report. They include application response time monitoring, monitoring of most time consuming transactions, performance of external services, database monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, availability and error monitoring, security checks and App speed index reports. With one user account allowed in the free plan, you can also get access to unlimited email alerts and 20 phone or SMS alerts.
You can test five sites within one minute interval and add unlimited contacts to receive the alerts. The service gives you uptime reports and statistics and performance statistics every 60 days.
They claim to be a zero-spam service but if you want to unsubscribe the emails you can always click the cancel notifications link in the email alerts. The monitoring frequency is one minute and the service provides more regular checks in case of breakdown.
Hence, to your rescue, you have a number of services online that offer free uptime monitoring. If the status codes is anything other than these and the site is not loading, UptimeRobot diagnoses the site for 30 seconds more. It sends you alerts via SMS and emails and to your Android and iOS devices with its mobile monitoring service. You can track any number of websites on this Google Doc, it will track your website every five minutes.
In order to maintain the free account, you must periodically visit your ServerMojo account. The tool gives you instant real-time stats on the uptime, load, response, host outage, site outage and server outage. Also, the service notifies you when your server IP or site is blacklisted in one of the 400 spam blacklists. The service requires you to place an HTML link to their website on each of the website that you setup for uptime monitoring. But to avail the free plan you will have to place a microbanner of the service provider onto your website’s footer. The service also records complex interactions with your site and automatically monitor playback for issues. You can add unlimited contacts, get email, RSS, SMS and IM alerts, snapshots of errors, transaction recorder and free customer support.

The service detects server health and diagnose problems that helps you solve your issues before the occurrence of a downtime. You get extensive reports of your server response times, performance reports and uptime reports that help identify breakdowns. Unlimited email alerts are sent along with SMS alerts (international SMS included), voice call notifications, webhooks, push notifications on iPhone and Android phones.
Website status tracker tool is safe, simple and easy to use software for checking website status.
If the problem still persists, it sends alert via email, SMS, Twitter, web hooks or Pushbullet.
If your hosting provider is not listed on their site, you can submit details about your hosting provider and it will take ten days to receive your first report. The service also provides webpage content checking for keywords and has a website monitoring widget for Android. They check your servers every minute and wait for consecutive failures from three different locations before they send you an alert.
Website availability examiner continuously keeps his eye on uptime, downtime, performance, ping status and availability of URL in real time. Web tracking tool provides simple and easy to use GUI application and supports all windows operating system as Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, windows XP, Windows Vista etc. You also get SSL monitoring, response time monitoring, uptime monitoring and also provides you Emergency Response Lines (one number to trigger an outbound conference call with your entire team).
Free website auditor tool includes some functionality to provide information about the error messages like connection get failed, page cannot be displayed, host not found. Website downtime monitoring software regularly checks for current and previous status of the websites.
Website checking software helps to check the performance of the webpage by knowing the uptime, downtime status of the website. Sites analyzer tool offer an alternate option to switch in between normal checking view to advance checking. Website status checker software monitors and analyze different website parameters that shows how your website responds to web browser. Whenever your website is detected unapproachable, loads improperly or responds excessively slow, Website Monitoring software sends immediate notifications or run any application automatically. You can monitor your HTTP (web server), POP3 (email server), FTP server, and more using SiteUptime.
It also gives you the option to display your availability statistics publicly, which you can use as a site widget to show off your site or web application’s high-availability.
Basic StateBasic State is a free monitoring tool for uptime, server, and network failures of your site. Basic State checks your website at 15-minute intervals and sends you notifications via email or text message when something goes kaboom.
With a simple sign-up process that will get you set up in no time and the ability to keep tabs on any number of sites, Basic State is a solid option to consider when looking into site monitoring tools.12. LivewatchLivewatch allows you to get alerts when your site is unavailable via email, SMS, phone, IM, and even Twitter. It can record and create PDF reports for site failures so that you can keep track of downtime events for documentation and troubleshooting.
You can record your test transactions with the iMacros Firefox extension and then upload it to our service.Anntaylan Jun 15 2009Great list.
I am using InternetSeer for two years, very good service.Farid Hadi Jun 16 2009I’ve been using Are My Sites Up?
They did have a few glitches in the beginning, just like any other new app out there but they fixed them real fast. I find it really sad that some one more or less copied your article and I can only recommend that you put watermarks on some or all images in your articles as it is likely to keep the most lazy of them frem taking your articles. I’d much rather spend the time I would take worrying, reporting, and dealing with content theft to creating fresh and new content for you guys. Dotcom-Monitor is one of the oldest and most reputable website monitoring services on the market.Steven Jun 29 2010Very helpful article. It has a really simple and cool web interface that allows you to view your site’s up-time statistics on a desktop or mobile screen. Best of all, it’s free to monitor up to 3 sites!Luke Jun 24 2013We use pingdom to monitor our servers.
It’s very accurate and affordable.Thanks by the wayHanna Jun 25 2013Some of the names are absolutely new for me. I need to consider them before changing my current monitoring tool.This comment section is closed.

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