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The Kartell Bloom Lamp is composed of a polycarbonate tubular framework entirely encrusted with tiny double corolla transparent polycarbonate flowers. The result is an industrially produced lamp with the form and stylistic complexities of the unique hand-made artifact. Bloom comes in an original hanging version, a cylindrical version suggestive of the silhouette of an hour glass figure. There are three single colors for this lamp: total transparency and opaque white for a refined ethereal effect, plus a sexy pink and black mix. A series of bulbs positioned along the internal framework diffuses beams of light through the petals and reflects off the faceted surfaces radiating a thousand reflections. The Kartell Bloom lamp is a veritable work of art that furnish and fill a room all on its own, creating an atmosphere of sparkling splendor. IDOT’S DRAFT ALTERNATIVES Evaluation Report, released July 13, shows potential Illiana interchanges at Route 53 and 2.5 miles east of Route 53, approximately in line with the Local 150 training center property. THE ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT of Transportation has notified the city of Wilmington of its intent to release its plan for a 400-foot wide Illiana corridor, which, because it includes and interchange at Route 53, will move south of the high power lines into Water's Edge Estates Subdivision (pictured) to prevent creating an impact on the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.
Quinn signs Illiana quick take into lawStaff reportGovernor Pat Quinn signed legislation Friday, July 13, that authorizes the use of quick-take to obtain land for the future Illiana Expressway.The new law, which began as Senate Bill 3318, gives the Illiana public-private partnership the opportunity to obtain land now and negotiate the sale later. Please feel free to submit your comments.Article comments are not posted immediately to the Web site. City officials say IDOT is preparing to release drawings of the 400-foot wide corridor, which will lay south of the power lines. Under the state's Eminent Domain Act, a unit of government may take private property for public use.
Each submission must be approved by the Web site editor, who may edit content for appropriateness.

There may be a delay of 24-48 hours for any submission while the web site editor reviews and approves it.
If the property owner and IDOT cannot reach an agreement, the amount is determined by trial.
This information is provided before the reservation fee of 6000a‚¬.After the official reservation completion can be as soon as your lawyer in Spain has carried out their legal conveyancing check. If the amount of final compensation is greater than the preliminary amount, the property owner is entitled to receive the difference plus interest. IDOT has been working within a 2,000-foot wide study area, shifting its boundaries as impacts are identified and trimming toward a 400-foot wide corridor that will become the roadway and easements.
Since early spring, land around the north side of Symerton, and the south side of the Midewin near Wilmington has been eliminated from the study area.Graff said the 400-foot wide refined corridor, which will lay south of the utility lines, includes an interchange at Route 53. The refinement showing the Route 53 interchange and an interchange 2.5 miles east, approximately in line with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 training center entrance, was carried forward. Cold Storage undevelopable, Graff said.In addition, city officials anticipate a proposed system-to-system interchange at Route 129, instead of a cloverleaf that will allow access from local arterial roads, possibly excluding access from the RidgePort industrial and destroying the potential for commercial development at that interchange.
The event will be held in an open house format, and interested persons can attend any time between 5 and 8 p.m. That's what you need to do."Council resolutionJust two weeks ago, the City Council delayed action on a resolution finding the then current B3 route through Wilmington unacceptable, and supporting a route through part of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. Alderman Frank Studer had requested the resolution because of the direct impact of the proposed corridor on the residents in the First and Fourth Wards.
While the residents would lose their homes or rural quality of life, open space in the form of the national prairie would be untouched. Residents who attended the July 3 council meeting either voiced opposition to the use of Midewin land for the road, or urged the city to present total opposition to the expressway they believe will bring no benefit to the city."Will the Illiana really eliminate much of the truck traffic through town?

And I also think there will be no economic benefit for Wilmington if they build this thing here," commented Kankakee River Drive resident Tom Hayden. It also states that the purpose of the Illiana is to alleviate freight traffic on local roads, and the B3 alignment will have the exact opposite effect for Wilmington.After allowing for public comment on the Illiana project, the council found that public support for the B3 corridor was nonexistent. The resolution expresses the city's strong opposition to the B3 corridor and support of the no-build option that includes the addition of traffic lanes on Interstate 55 from Interstate 80 to Route 113, and the addition of lanes to I-80.No Midewin routeThe city initially offered the local preferred route using the South Arsenal Road to New River Road corridor, which is part of Will County's long-range transportation plan. Part of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie is north of New River Road, and in some areas, on both sides of it.
Forest Service land is federally protected, and that without passage of federal legislation, no road will be built through it or touch it. In March, the City Council asked federal officials to compel at least a study of an alternative Illiana Expressway route through part of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, feeling it should not require passage of legislation to do so. Representative Adam Kinzinger's office this week reported that IDOT officials identified five known endangered species areas along the New River Road corridor area. Any type of construction would create a major challenge, specifically since the Midewin carries an F4 environmental classification, which is the highest standard regarding ecology and the environment. Kinzinger's office said in IDOT's opinion, if a study begins regarding the Midewin corridor the Illiana project will be stalled and most likely will not get approved.
Delays and court challenges could also reduce the possibility of federal or private funding.Use of the Midewin property could also set precedent that will create challenges for other federal properties with endangered species within their lands, as well as bring a national spotlight and strong opposition from environmental organizations to bear on the Illiana project. Representatives of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, the Environmental Law and Policy Center and the Openlands Project have expressed concern with potential impacts to the prairie from the B3 alternative, according to the Draft Alternatives to be Carried Forward Technical Memorandum.

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