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Brain Teasers for Kids - With a little help, even second graders can solve these tricky brain teasers and discover the mystery words.
Spelling Words WellSpelling Words Well is THE resource for spelling word lists, worksheets, games and spelling bee helps. Free Sight Words, Games & ActivitiesUse these printable free sight words to give your students important practice in reading and spelling.
100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words, Definitions & Sentences  Our toughest list, for upper grades and adults! Spelling Pattern and Chuck Words: Five words are selected that promote sound recognition, spelling patterns and chunks. During the 2nd week of spelling, students continue to practice spelling words for homework. The teachers will NOT conduct a formal spelling test but rather instruct the children to find their spelling buddy. Sight Words (sometimes called the Dolch Word List) are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. Wordsearch puzzles are a great tool for helping children improve their language arts skills.
Hot tip: To get another puzzle variation, simply reload the page and a new puzzle will be created for you automatically.

In many schools students are expected to be able to read simple material by the end of the second grade. There are two additional reasons why it is important to give Sight Words an extra priority.
Even though it may take a considerable effort for children to learn the entire Dolch Word List, it is well worth it. Because complete fluency with Sight Words is the foundation of literacy, a variety of techniques are used to teach them to children. Clearly, exercises and games like the ones presented on this website can be most valuable when used as a part of a comprehensive reading education program that employs a variety of materials and activities. Help your son or daughter reinforce their reading and math skills (and do better on standardized tests) with just a little online practice at K5 Stars!
Sight Words Buddy for Windows can help your children master Dolch Word List and have some fun too. Sample educational philosophy statements to help inspire and motivate you to write your own.
Make the most of the last day of school with these fun activities that celebrate the school year coming to a close. Kaplan, Picture Maker - choosei»? from sub-menu abovePerspective is at the heart of good realistic drawing.

If words are needed, she selects from a word bank – focusing on words she can read but typically misspells. The goal of the game is to touch clouds with the appropriate word while controlling the bird.
On the next page you will see a puzzle generated using 10 or 20 random words from one of the standard Dolch lists.
If you want to choose the number of rows and columns, the amount of words, and other puzzle features, please use the Wordsearch Puzzle Generator.
The player receives visual and auditory feedback indicating whether the response is correct.
Every effort has been made here to present the principles of perspective in plain language and in the most understandable manner possible, with plenty of illustrations.i»?Copyright Frederic C.

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