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Manaus is the capital of Amazonas State in Brazil and is the chief port for the region's river system. Did you know AmazonGlobal Free Super Saver International Shipping Program promises free shipping to India if you buy eligible products worth $125 or more! Though I have bought hard to find books many times from Amazon, the high shipping costs were discouraging. Here are a set of 5 books I wanted to buy from Amazon, and got free shipping to India! Simply choose the Free AmazonGlobal saver options which will ship your books in 9-14 days. As you proceed to checkout, the AmazonGlobal Saver discount refunds the Shipping and Handling charges. If you read the full details of the AmazonGlobal program, you find that there are some special terms for eligible products and getting free shipping. After Amazon introduced Junglee in India, it turned out to be only a shopping search engine.
Remarks: For any reason, if you think that the item is suppose to be eligible for free international shipping but the system is behaving differently.
We will show you how to search for the eligible items in a step-by-step tutorial, but now let us look at what are the exclusion of AmazonGlobal Program? Basically, some oversize items, e-documents, software or music downloads, gift cards, Kindle devices and its accessories are not qualified.  It is quite disappointing that Kindle is in the exclusion, but you can always refer to this on how to buy Kindle in Singapore. Now, we are going into the hands-on tutorial on how to buy things from Amazon and get free shipping to Singapore.  In this tutorial, we will be using the examples of buying Lego toy building brick from Amazon and ship it for free to Singapore. Referring back to the above screenshot, at the left side bar, scroll down and ‘check’ “AmazonGlobal Eligible”. Scenario 2: We have selected a product which is eligible for “AmazonGlobal” but offers NO FREE Shipping. Scenario 3: We have selected a product which is eligible for Amazon free shipping to Singapore. Now, we are adding a product which is eligible for “AmazonGlobal” but offers NO FREE Shipping into the cart. Now we have two items in the cart, proceed to checkout and select your Singapore shipping address.
The system will immediately prompt you that your cart consists of ineligible item.  You just need to delete the item by clicking the delete button. Now, we will demonstrate the Scenario 3, which is the smooth process of getting the Amazon to ship the item to Singapore for FREE!  We select the item as shown on the screenshot. We add 3 units in order to qualify for AmazonGlobal Saver(total amount exceed USD125 and qualified for free shipping).
Now, you will come to the shipping options page, as you can see, there is an option called “FREE AmazonGlobal Saver”, that’s mean this order is eligible for Amazon free shipping to Singapore. Make sure your total purchase amount is not exceeding SGD$400, this is to avoid paying extra custom duty. If you have too many items, just split them into two separate orders with minimum of USD$125 each. If you have too few items to get USD$125, try to consolidate some orders from your friends. If there is no out-of-stock situation, usually it will reach your doorstep within a week.  Sometimes, when your order items cannot be delivered at the same time, Amazon will split your order into two separate deliveries without extra charge. Most of the items sold by Amazon are cheaper than Singapore, without paying extra for the shipping charge now allow you to save even more!  As long as your items met the AmazonGlobal Saver criteria, you can now forget about paying high shipping charge for freight forwarding service, especially those freight forwarders who aggressively sending you the promotional email to entice you to buy from Amazon.  They will not tell you about Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore!

However, there is only one thing we can’t be sure,  that is, will this Amazon free shipping to Singapore last forever?  We won’t know.  If you have something in your wish list, let’s shop now and start to save!  Click here to shop now. Why is it that I have to pay GST on the actual good price + the handling and delivery charges from the seller? In other word, it also mean that no GST as long as you keep your purchased below S$400 (inclusive delivery fee, if any).
Thanks Andy, if the item is sold by Amazon, then it is not eligible for free shipping to Singapore, and yes you can ship it through third party package forwarder but that would incur extra delivery cost, it usually cost about $25-$35 for a camera, you can read this post on how to use package forwarder. Hi Nora, if the books are sold by Amazon, they will be shipped directly from Amazon to your doorstep with no additional charges. Why wind proof for mic go rode cant be shipped to singapore, i really need this for my wedding shoot. They can be shipped using a package forwarder, read our post on how to buy Kindle in Singapore for more details on how to use a package forwarder.
Hi Chang, to enjoy the FREE shipping to Singapore, the product must at least met the basic criteria, i.e. As for the windproof mic, we try to broaden the search keyword and only found few products HERE that is eligible for FREE shipping to Singapore.
Yes, Amazon will ship directly to your doorstep in Singapore and yes, use your local information for credit card.
Thanks for visiting Singapore, please support us by like our Facebook page and subscribe to our News Update. Sorry for the late reply, the system will show you the expected delivery date, usually it is same as the date you will receive the item. If you ship direct from Amazon, you can see the estimated delivery date before process for payment, if you’re using package forwarder like Borderlinx, it will depend on the speed of delivery you have selected. It is ok to display your preferred currency, however displaying USD will be easier since the product price on Amazon is in USD.
Before answering your questions, we presume that you already know how to identify items that eligible for free shipping to Singapore. My stainless steel water bottle arrived from Amazon with a big dent, which is the best way to ship it back within $20 that Amazon will compensate for shipping? You may need to liaise with Amazon customer service directly for assistance, they will give better answer.
Normally you can’t cancel the order once is shipped, but you can return the item for a reason. If this is due to their system error, they will ask you to purchase the item and give them the order details so that they will waive off the shipping charge. Like to ask if amazing instant videos can be streamed on laptops with the vpn installed to change ip add to us add? I find it pointless, spend so much money and then buy cheap trinkets so that they weigh less than 9Kg? Yes Hassan, the maximum weight is 9 kg (huge and bulky items are not entitled for free shipping too), we believe that is fair enough since Amazon is offering the free courier shipping from USA. Hi can i check with you if i want order somethings from amazon japan , can u teach me how to order because i want to somethings they keep saying that the item cannot ship to my address. So far we understand that Amazon Japan prefers to deal only with buyers in Japan, they has blocked most of the package forwarders, unless you have friend in Japan to receive your purchase. Amazon coupons - show coupon codes, Amazon coupons 10% off entire order promo codes 20% 2016, shop at amazon online store to have irresistible and surprised discounts to your online cart and also mount.

It's close proximity to the Amazon Rainforest allows ample access to boat and land trips into the jungle. In fact, when I bought Kindle in India, they will also add import duties (but at least you can get Kindle in India – though Kindle is now available at Croma, Amazon will still not ship Kindle Paperwhite internationally). Its is important to ship to single address in India and group items into as few shipments as possible. They deliver by standard international courier companies, and I guess theft should not be much of an issue here. Learning from my experiences and adventures in tech topics and running websites, I seek to spread tech tips, solve tech problems and help webmasters succeed since 2004. Can I check with you if the parcel is shipped directly from Amazon or will there be another forwarder agent repacking the items engaged by Amazon? This thnig not even available is singapore, can request to customer service or any other way to ship? I trying to buy wind proof for rode mic go and wahl 5 start senior clipper why this item can’t be ship to singapore what is the reason? The credit card details and address in the account page will be our local information and it would process accordingly? Yes, the amount stated is final, import tax only occur if your total price (including shipping cost if any) is SGD$400 and above.
It states free shipping if exceeds usd 35 but this not mean free shipping to singapore right.
To get free shipping to Singapore, you total order need to be at least US$125, and you only need to pay tax if your total order is exceeded Singapore Dollar $400, you will see the total amount charged or any tax incurred in your order summary before you place order. Same to the ps4 console, if the amount is exceeded Singapore Dollar $400, then you will need to pay tax, but you need to compare if paying the extra tax is cheaper than buying locally? I am looking for dual monitor arm desk mount and I click AmazonGlobalEligible as mentioned above.
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Popular sites include the Teatro Amazonas opera house, Ponta Negra Beach, the CIGS Zoo, and the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa marketplace.
Note that products weighing more than 20 pounds and over-sized products aren’t eligible for this deal. I am now more than eager to buy books at Amazon (though I prefer Flipkart locally), as they have the largest collection of hard to find books and free shipping makes it really easier. Computer related items are tax free in my country but amazon doesn’t deliver, not sure why, I wont be surprised if it is due to the high number of theft during delivery due to corruption. The other criteria are the total order must be at leas USD$125 and no exceeding the allowed shipping weight. The delivery time delay is not much of an issue and practically speaking –  Amazon ships much-much faster than what it mentions. Be aware that import duties, handling fees etc may still apply and it is a good idea not to cancel orders so that the cost goes below $125. I just want to know if this is the final amount I will pay or will there be import taxes I need to pay once my item have been shipped out?

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