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Here's our second giveaway of free bifold booklet type flyer brochure InDesign template in A4 spread size.
To find a job, especially if you are a graphic designer, you must show the information and skills that you have on your resume. Swiss Style Resume Set projects a modern and trendy look & feel with a minimalist approach. This elegant 3 piece resume set only utilizes grid and typography, the foundations of design, for both readability and legibility. was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional. The CV has a different standard sizes in various countries, for example in United States, paper size for resume must be A4, while in some other countries use Letter as standard paper size.

This is a kind of perception through which we assess people in general when we come across them.But in professional life, things are not the same, it is not only the name that matters there, your whole demeanor, experiences, qualification, certification, awards, potentials, skills, activities, accomplishments, expertise and aptitudes play a vital role. Getting your resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae) noticed is one, but communicating and getting your message across is another. There are outlandish and creative resume designs around, most prominently graphic designer resumes. Yes they are cleverly designed and nice to look at, but most of them are very hard to read. So get your CV’s treated straight from the expert’s hands.Today I am providing you all those samples in which you can insert in your CV and give it a go.
All the designers who want to show up to their clients that how the respective resume will look like, you can use this CV mock up and present it to your client, surely he won’t reject it.

Always look up for an elegant layout (template) of the CV so the script written on it would be clear and not vague.The more beautifully a CV is designed the more chances of developing a good impression will be enhanced.
So I came up with some InDesign resume templates that are simple, minimal, clean and looks decent enough to get you hired. These templates can be used by anyone, even graphic designers or creative people (just leave your creativity to your portfolio, ok?). Have a look at the collection of 10 best free resume (CV) design templates and mockup PSD Collection.

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