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So, if you really want to establish yourself in the online market, then unresponsive designs are not going to help your business grow at any cost! Ex: Consider you have a website, have you ever checked how it looks and feels on different browsers and mobiles? When your website is designed with responsive design, it automatically adjusts to the screens of different browsers and devices to present a high-resolution website in front of the audiences. Candidly speaking, creating responsive designs require collective technological efforts and ideas. With said that, one of the tools that plays a crucial role in creating responsive websites is Fluid Grid technique. Another most significant tool that plays a great role in the providing high-resolution images of website v mobiles is Media Queries, other words, CSS3 media queries.
Here, in this section, I would love to come up with some excellent resources that could be quite beneficial in creating an excellent responsive design with ease. This website hosts a great deal of information about responsive designs which exclusively suits the needs of beginners as well as pros. This website holds a collection of responsive designing sources delivered by numerous different technology giants.
Here, in this site you would find out various interesting articles on responsive website designs and tools with in-depth technical information.
It is another useful site with profound and trustworthy information on responsive web design and how to use if effectively. And, finally this site offers some excellent physical books on responsive designing written by some popular authors. I hope the information provided in this article is quite useful for beginners as well as pros. Melvin RajivMelvin Rajiv enjoys writing about technology topics for the web where he can share his knowledge and interest with others. Being online is the new and thing and whether you are a professional, a student or a work-at-home guy, you need to have internet.
Liquid Gem utilises CSS media queries and percentage layouts to give a completely responsive design.
Resume is a one page HTML 5 template and responsive made using the twitter bootstrap it’s pretty simple and easy to configure and the cherry on top is that it is free of course. If you need a responsive website for your business, you just want to show case your portfolio or you are developer who loves readymade work, Brownie is perfect for you.
Response is a clean and professional template suitable for business, portfolio or General websites. This theme also has a premium version available but as you must have guessed this download here is absolutely free.
Folder is a responsive HTML 5 template that adapts to any devices and browser sizes; perfect for creative showcase and business. OnePager is a Free Responsive HTML5 Responsive Template for portfolio and business websites. The Symfoni Free Website Template is based on a Fixed Width layout with 2 Columns and uses an HTML5 doctype. This particular responsive template is absolutely free and is perfect for your business and personal portfolio.
If you are looking to make an impressive blog and you are a beginner, this is a perfect template for you guys. MiniPort is based on HTML5 and CSS3 and is perfect for a simple blog if you are looking to make one. With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration. As we know Responsive Web Designing are more popular day by day and designers are looking for Responsive Web Templates for their web project.
Prechu is a beautiful responsive website template, the download version included two designs version for desktop and mobile. FlexApp is a free, fully responsive website template for marketing your mobile application.
Created by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, Brownie is a simple and clean Free Responsive HTML5 portfolio and business website template.
Nava is a clean, modern and responsive HTML template for sites related to sailing boats, yachts, catamarans, ships, cruisers, etc…. Marketeer is a free Ecommerce WordPress Theme which implements the great Easy Digital Downloads Plugin (EDD) to your website.

Note that if you want to spread the word about our freebie, you need to link back to this post. This week’s free responsive website template is Legend, which is a free responsive html5 one page website template. Legend also has a section for your most recent blog posts to show up, promoting your latest news, and keeping your content fresh. No, I am not the author of the theme, but I try to share any free stuff out there that I can find to promote other peoples awesome work, and help people find free stuff at the same time. I am having trouble with the contact form, where do I put in my email to have the contact form sent to me?
I would have to look at the actual file structure, but my best guess would be to look at the send.php file if there is one, and change the email address to your own email. So, without a website’s assistance it is quite impossible to expand your business or customer base online. Today, a huge volume of customers are switching from desktops to handheld devices as they offer incredible comfort. In a nutshell, responsive designs are nothing but flexible high-resolution web designs fitting the screen sizes of different browsers and mobiles without any compromise in readability.
The size of the fonts, orientation, everything will be adjusted automatically in order to give a pleasant reading experience to the users.
It is quite impossible to construct a responsive website using a single piece of technology. A decade before designers constructed responsive designs using the traditional Liquid Grid technique. It plays a great role in modifying the resolution of website on mobile phones in which the width of the screen below than normal ones.
It would be highly useful for beginners who look forward to simple and easy-to-use learning materials. You could get a best one for your personal needs as the pricings of the books are available along with book names. Make use of advancement in technology and impress your visitors with cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly websites to experience fruitful gains. The thing about internet these days is that there are various ways for you to express yourself and that is all the more better if you are a professional and trying to establish your business. This is an HTML 5 template which you can use for your blog, portfolio and business portfolio. It also includes an image carousel, a fully working PHP contact form and a sample work page.
Its retro and minimal design gives importance to the content and gives a friendly air to the visitors.
Go on give it a try, it does need improvements, but you can create and impressive online CV. It comes in one or two columns and that is totally your choice and you have the options to decide on how many sidebars you want.
Responsive Web Design is the answer to the easy accessibility which is both efficient and profitable.
So here we are put to gathered a fresh collection of Free Responsive Web Templates with PSD Files which can use for both personal and commercial projects. Let’s take a quick look at some amazing new trend web templates to keep in mind when designing your next web project. You can use this template as a landing page, online portfolio for creative folks or even as a business theme. It is basically a portfolio template for creative people like designers, photographers, graphics artists and more.
It’s built on 5grid, which means it’s easy to customize and works very nicely on mobile devices (try it for yourself — size the window down and hit reload). This template has something not just merely HTML5 new tags, it’s coded using WAI-ARIA roles for enhanced quality. If you are sick of websites that don’t render on all screens, pick up a responsive template. The dark background, combined with the circular images make this part of the site dramatic, yet open and friendly.
The form seems a little wide on wide screens, but it still looks good and works well at smaller sizes.
It is responsive, so it looks great on most devices, and each section of this one page site is distinct and really makes the content stand out.

In the free Beacon template that I give away on here is a send.php file-even though it is free, I still want it to be top quality.
Reports state that more numbers of customers prefer to use their mobiles to explore internet. Today, you can come across numerous articles on responsive designs, and it apparently shows how significant this design is for today’s online business. It allows a min-width media feature which is quite useful for designers to produce a website which works on tiniest of the mobiles without any compromise the visibility. You can use it for your blog or professional website in order to promote your product however you may wish. With a responsive design it works on all devices: Desktop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, and Android Phones! The template comes with a nice image slider for featured work and an image gallery with popup support.
In cases where a site cannot be viewed on laptop and desktop systems or on tablets and Smartphone, all of which happen to come in  wide range of screen sizes and resolutions, that it almost comes to the same as to it not being viewed at all.
But with some basic customization you can actually transform this template into your desired website. Like everything else at HTML5 Up!, Verti is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license, so feel free to use it for pretty much anything you want (be it a personal project or a commercial venture), just don’t forget to credit us!
This is also a great place, if you have more than one employee, to tell everyone who does what within your team. I think the reason that they did this is because some people like to integrate their own validation, etc.
Considering the necessity of this mind-blowing innovative design in mind, here I’ve decided to educate you with an article which explains the significance, tools, and resources for creating responsive designs for everyone who reads this in a simple and effective manner.
For those, who aren’t able to follow the definition clearly, the following illustration would help. Especially when you switch from desktop to Laptop or mobiles, the size, orientation, image quality, resolution of the website completely changes which in turn produces unpleasant and low-resolution fonts and images making it ill-defined for the viewers. Especially, the static pixel pattern of Liquid Grid posed a huge threat in front of the designers as the website when enlarged on wide screens and condensed on small screens produced low-resolution unreadable web images to customers.
It is based on 960 grid and elegantly scales down to downsized browser windows, tablets, mobile phones (in landscape and portrait). When it comes to dealing about this issue of accessibility, which is against the whole idea of having the presence of the internet and giving rise to various issues, it becomes imperative that we come up with effective solutions. Codester comes with complete customizable package including latest JavaScript, Scaffolding, Base CSS and Components. If you want to remove the backlink to ChocoTemplates or if you need the PSD files, buy the extended license. To view a live demo, or to download this html5 one page website template, simply click the link below. It is foolish to ask your visitors to stick to any particular browser or device to view your website! Unlike the traditional tool, Fluid Grid produced dynamic pixel pattern which held good on widening on large screens and shortening on low screens effectively. Building a website requires a lot of knowledge but what if you could find templates online and apply them on your website for free.
This way you will be sure that every visitor of your website will browse it with no troubles. So, a better alternative would be using the technology to come with a website which works fine on all browsers and handheld devices. This list talks about 35 free and responsive website templates which mostly are based on HTML5 and CSS3.
Live demo   Download freebie Posted on October 18, 2012November 14, 2012 in Code stuff, HTML Website templates and tagged responsive, templates, websites. Note though that the list is not ranked so it is isn’t like the first one is the best one.

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