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Free Online CRM Customer Relationship Management SoftwareHelping business owners around the world manage their contacts and customers with ease. March 6, 2013 by Joyce Valenza 13 Comments However compelling the research is, it can be hard to make the case with a 30-page study, or even a executive summary. Sometimes you need the visually attractive, embeddable, tweetable version of the elevator speech.
Last month, the New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL), announced the release of School Libraries: a Lesson in Student Success. The data presented on this poster clearly illustrate learners’ need for the information literacy skills instruction provided by certified school library media specialists in well-funded school libraries. The NJ Study and numerous other national studies prove beyond a doubt that certified school librarians and well-funded school library programs have a positive impact on student achievement.
Paige Jaeger, Coordinator for School Library Services at New York’s WSWHE Boses, created this infographic sharing the NYLA SSL slogan, Many reasons you need your librarian. News, thoughts, and discoveries at the vortex of libraries, literacy, learning, discovery and play. Over the past decade, the majority of the Fortune 1,000 (and beyond) have realized dramatic savings by applying strategic sourcing principles to both their indirect and direct expenditures. Even as they seek new opportunities in sourcing, leading companies are finding themselves dependent on an increasingly complex supply base, with the need to drive further cost and performance improvements, manage supply risk, and streamline costs of supplier interaction.
Early adopters of SRM are realizing savings in existing relationships, remediating relationships that are not working, working with suppliers to build joint capabilities and improve joint processes, effectively managing supplier risk, and reducing internal costs of supplier management. This paper describes the new supply environment, the challenges it brings, and the Supplier Relationship Management best practices that leading edge companies are applying to deliver maximum value from their supply base.
For organizations that are applying strategic sourcing, outsourcing, and low-cost-country sourcing, the supply environment has changed or is changing dramatically. Simultaneously, for many companies, a large portion of external spend has reached a mature state after one or more waves of aggressive sourcing. Along with the changes in companies’ external supply environments, there have also been major changes in the procurement function as well as in procurement practices, processes, and systems. However, procurement is rarely the gatekeeper for all procurement activities – far from it. Many organizations have been successful at establishing the new supply environments and obtaining savings through negotiation of new contracts. While risk management has received significant boardroom attention, in most organizations, supplier risk remains largely unmanaged while reliance on suppliers and exposure to supplier risk continues to increase dramatically. Processes and roles post-transaction are ill-defined, often inhibiting further performance improvements, limiting value from supplier relationships, and making performance gains difficult to sustain. While hundreds or even thousands of supplier metrics are tracked and reported, performance problems can persist and organizations often do not recoup resulting costs.
Most organizations can not precisely identify which suppliers are truly strategic or even how such strategic supplier relationships should be managed, leading to an inability to effectively focus resources or realize strategic value from the supply base. In the absence of a clear set of supplier management processes and roles in the organization, suppliers are often able to set the agenda and canvass the organization to build business. While initial aggressive sourcing in a category has for many companies yielded dramatic savings and other benefits, sustaining those benefits and attaining further reductions can be difficult without effective SRM.
Procurement brings to bear resources with transactional or sourcing skill sets, operations brings to bear resources with functional and people management skills – none are a good fit for day-to-day supplier management.

Formal programs for supplier development often do not exist limiting the organization’s ability to create win-win value improvements with the supply base.
Inefficiency introduced as too many employees spend time on unnecessary or redundant interactions with suppliers. While the procurement function has played a leadership role in sourcing and outsourcing activities, as sourcing matures in an organization, the objectives and value proposition of the procurement function need to evolve.
Many organizations lack the systems capabilities needed to support day-to-day supplier management across the supplier life-cycle.
To address these challenges, companies are adopting SRM capabilities and revisiting their processes, organizations, and systems to manage their new supply environments. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a set of principles, processes, templates, and tools that help companies maximize relationship value and minimize risk and management overhead over the entire supplier relationship lifecycle. Supplier Stratification: Effective SRM requires a clear company-wide understanding of which suppliers are the most strategic to the organization and which are less important. Governance and Organization: Once the importance of an individual supplier to the organization is established via Supplier Stratification, the next step is for the organization to define the team structure that will be required to manage the supplier on a day-to-day basis as well as the roles involved in those activities and skills and knowledge that team members will be expected to bring to the table. Once a team structure with roles and responsibilities is defined, the next step is to formalize the on-going governance processes to make supplier management repeatable, transparent to management, and consistent throughout the organization. Supplier Development: Due to increasing supply consolidation, a company’s overall performance and efficiency is more and more dependent on the capabilities of its suppliers. Overall benefits can be quite high – eclipsing even strategic sourcing benefits by creating true partnering and by driving objective-based breakthrough capability improvements.
Companies can address these supplier development needs by establishing a formal supplier development program that first selects suppliers where development effort will have the highest value to the organization, determines the specific development need(s), and applies the appropriate development techniques.
However, without pre-defined “tracks” for development, including guidelines for development trigger identification, toolkits for simplified execution of development activities and program management toolkits, organizations can find it difficult to scale supplier development efforts across functions and business groups.
Service Level and Performance Management: Effective management of supplier service levels and performance is a critical element of SRM.
However, performance management, in its current form, falls short of achieving this ideal, amounting to a mere tactical reporting exercise. To enable truly effective performance management, the resulting relationship agreement elements must be captured and presented in an integrated fashion.
In many cases, after examining existing SLAs and performance measures and developing a performance map for the relationship, organizations implementing SRM find that they must go back and re-define contractual SLAs.
Supplier Relationship Management Systems: While successful supplier relationship management is largely driven by changes in policies, processes, roles, and supplier agreements, effective systems are a critical enabler. Roll-up capability enabling visibility of overall relationship factors such as risk, performance, resource allocation, etc.
To realize the full benefits of strategic sourcing, outsourcing, and low cost country sourcing, leading organizations need to build the capabilities required to effectively manage the resulting supply base by deploying SRM best practices. What are the pain points and opportunities related to the organization’s supply base and supplier relationships? Is there a clearly defined, common set of processes, policies, and tools governing the on-going day-to-day management of suppliers?
Are the roles and responsibilities for the various aspects of supplier management clearly defined to bring to bear the right skills and focus and to avoid redundant, non-value-added activities?
Has the procurement function evolved from having a transactional or sourcing capability-set to becoming a Center of Excellence for on-going SRM capabilities?

Does the staff that interfaces with suppliers on a day-to-day basis have the skills to manage suppliers effectively to maximize value? Does the organization have the processes in place to develop the capabilities of important suppliers to boost supplier performance, direct supplier investment in new services, etc.?
Are suppliers truly accountable for performance in areas that drive the most value for the organization? For organizations that are looking to get the ball rolling, an effective first step may be to develop a business case for SRM that focuses on the organization’s most pressing supplier management pain-points and challenges, and recognizes the value of applying SRM best practices. Archstone Consulting is a rapidly growing, independent strategy and operations management consultancy, providing definable results in industries where we have deep expertise.
One of the things you can do for your lover on Valentine’s Day is create him or her a Coupon Book. The thing about these coupons is you can show your lover how much they mean to you without spending a heap of money. The first thing you will need to do is go to Yahoo or Google, or the search engine you use and find yourself some Valentine graphics, rose graphics, heart graphics, borders, and any other graphics that might go along with the coupons you are going to create. The next thing you will need to do is open a graphic program or a word processor like Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice Writer.
You can call us anytime Monday through Friday as we’re located in the beautiful Miami, Florida in the US! However, parents, school board members, administrators, teachers,legislators and others outside the library community are often unaware of just how valuable school librarians and strong school library programs are to preparing students for college and careers. Joyce is an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University's School of Communication and Information, an edtech Sherpa, and a connector.
These companies are developing a new set of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) capabilities – including processes, governance mechanisms, and systems to manage suppliers on a day-to-day basis over the full relationship life-cycle.
In most organizations, the personnel responsible for on-going supplier management are the same individuals who drove strategic sourcing and those who managed internal functional departments before they were outsourced. Archstone Consulting specializes in corporate transformations and operational improvements to help fund growth in the consumer packaged goods and retail, life sciences, manufacturing, and services sectors.
Create yourself a new folder on your desktop and save all of the graphics and borders you are going to use to that one folder to make it easier on you when it comes to making the coupons. Close more deals in record time, get paid faster, manage your customers better, and have a workforce that will consistently stay on target. NJASL developed the infographic to facilitate the dissemination of these facts since our students’ futures depend on it. Use our free customer relationship management CRM software to record the leads contact name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and current status (lead, follow-up, paid, disqualified, etc…).
Basically, all you need is a printer, copy paper or cardstock paper, graphic program or word processor, graphics from the internet, and your imagination. Once you have all of that, you can get to work on making your own Valentine’s Day coupons for your lover. When you are finished, you can print it, cut each coupon out and staple it or bind it however you want.

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