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Rachel is a coupon blogger, mom, wife, young breast cancer survivor blogging about health, saving money, and living a happy life in Austin, Texas. Please let your readers know that you got the amazing information from Cha Ching Queen - Health and Happiness on a Budget. Coupon Dad: Coupons, Promo Codes, Deals and Redbox CodesCoupon Dad has the latest coupons, promo codes and deals to help you save.
Over the past few months RedBox has moved from an interesting display in my local grocery store to the perfect companion to our Netflix subscription.
The app I use on my Motorola Droid is the RedBox Codes app, which is free and does only one thing -- show me the latest RedBox coupon codes whenever I need one. Like all coupon codes distributed online there will always be some that don't work, but my experience with the RedBox Codes app has been filled, so far, with working codes. My local grocery store sends me a coupon every few weeks and RedBox has been known to pass out code after code that Julia Scott's Bargain Babe shares with our readers, but it's great to be able to get a free rental anytime I am at a RedBox by simply launching an app.
We ditched cable a long time ago and now use Redbox to watch the latest and greatest movies.
Remember to return your Redbox movie by 9pm the following night to avoid extra rental charges.

If you love saving money, and who doesn’t, check out these deals and freebies that will save you even more! Time spotted that through today you can rent a DVD for free using promo code "sweet" at checkout.
Cabela’s has a promo code that gets you and extra 10% off + FREE shipping on select clothing and shoes!!! It means that the coupons you find here will be more detailed, work better and save you more money!
The app includes success rates and notes about where the code can be used as well as any known expiration dates.
You can also view movie information and create a queue of movies you want to rent from RedBox. We don't always use the app to get a free movie, but as a cheap way to grab a movie while we are out and keep it for an extra day without wasting a dollar. Next, when using an iPhone, send a text to 727272 with the code RBAPP for a free rental code.
To make sure you don't miss any more offers like this one, join our mailing list and follow us on Twitter.

Use the Redbox coupon code 33TDX536 for rent any disc and get a DVD free for the first day.  This code is good until August 17, 2014. For a more full featured RedBox app, without promo codes, you should look at the 99-cent RedBoxer app.
This gets us 20 movie channels, thousands of movies and shows via streaming, and home delivery on DVDs and videogames. To continue getting deals and easily choose and set notifications, join us on the Facebook group. If you are a blogger and would like to pass along any of the information, deals, coupons, etc., great!

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