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Our Man Mou Publishing is proud to announce a new ebook release – special collector’s  edition  of Chan Hon Chung’s Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual! Apart from the collection of 80 rare black & white photos of grandmaster Chan Hon Chung, performing legendary “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun) of Hung Ga Kyun, our special edition contains also a list of all names of the techniques in English, Cantonese, plus traditional Chinese characters. In his early years, Chan Sifu was the army instructor of swordsmen in Seun Dak and assistant instructor of Kowloon YMCA Martial Arts Traing Class for youth. Chan Hon Chung was very active in the Chinese martial arts circles – in 1970’s he Chan organised Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association.

If for any reason you don’t feel that the new restored special edition of Chan Hon Chung’s Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual ebook was an outstanding and rare addition to your Hung Ga Kyun library, you may contact us at any time during the next 60 days and we’ll refund your money. If you like the article and if you want to support our work, please add your comment, click “tweet” or “like”. Your support will help us and encourage us to publish and share more articles and videos in the future!
As the famous  saying goes: “Combination of Tiger and Crane has no enemy in the world!” (Fu Hok Hap Yat, Tin Ha Mou Dik). Today we have the honor to bring you a complete and restored edition of all photos (plus bonuses).

In 1921 he moved to Hong Kong and in 1928 began his training in Hung Kyun in Lam Sai Wing’s branch school in Central District.
In 1973 he received a medal of honor from Queen Elizabeth II for his social and humanitarian services in Hong Kong.

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