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Do you remember a time before computers and email when people actually had to write letters to send written communication? Creating a bakery dramatic play area for toddlers is a wonderful way to introduce the culinary art of baking to children. Do you use social media in the classroom?  The Really Good Teachers at #TeachChat on February 3, 2015 shared some of their best tips and tricks for using it to enhance lessons and increase learning.  Read the transcript below and then join us on March 11th for the next chat! At Really Good Stuff, we're committed to bringing you the best teaching resources online and off. Children can learn about Ancient Egypt while colouring in this fun map which points out the famous landmarks of the Ancient Egyptian world.

One of a series of colouring pages of children from around the world in historical costume, this one shows children from Ancient Egypt in typical dress. Despite their gruesomeness, children are fascinated by canopic jars and will enjoy colouring in these. Children can print and and use this blank outline of a death mask to add their own detail - a great project when studying the customs of Ancient Egypt..
While doing homework, whether it's reading novels or textbooks, you may run across cliches Reading for homework isn't the most thrilling assignment in the world. But the effects of regularly skipping that reading homework can have long-term effect on a child’s life.

Complete with a kitchen, recipes, and a storefront to sell baked goods, preschoolers will enjoy this theme of pretend play. We under-stand that now, more than ever, technology allows you to expand your Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) to connect with resources around the world. Futrell, and I recently developed a resource that brings awareness and helps get the conversation of parental incarceration started!

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