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Some children need no encouragement to read, but others (mine included) do need some prodding now and again to 'remind' them to pick up a book and read.
My children keep reading logs of books which they have read and this helps to incentivise them to read more.
In this bingo reading game your child chooses which of the suggested reading activities they want to do.
As well as encouraging your child to read more, these activities will also help to practice key reading comprehension skills such as questioning, visualisation and summarising.

You may also want to try some of our kids' crosswords, word searches and word scrambles for more learning fun! Bible Crosswords, Free Printable Bible Games, Printable CrosswordsBible crosswords are a great way to review important Bible stories. Each player follows the steps in the directions to draw a shape, word or design on their papers. A more detailed description of what is contained in each book is below the samples.Rainbow Reading Board Games Samples Now I know that you can easily pay over $15 for just one reading game.

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