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The only stipulation is that you must have, at some point in the past, purchased at least one bid pack. Here are the two coupon codes to get yourself those free bids…now use ’em and enjoy slicing through your competition using Bid-Ninja!
Latest QuiBids Promo Code to Brighten Up Your Monday Get One Month of Unrestricted Use of Bid-Ninja Free! This Promo Code is only eligible to QuiBids customers in all markets who have purchased an initial bid package.

My friend gave me this coupon code for quibids, a penny auction website that auctions cameras and laptops for real cheap. The Quibids promo code 2011 allows the consumers to effortlessly save wonderful quantity of money on their bids to this internet site. First time customers can save much more by employing a special Quibids promo code that gives them some free bids. Well, Quibids is not known for these mystery auctions but some other penny auctions sure do this.

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