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From my own experience in the VC community, I’m very familiar with the venture philanthropy model, which has brought VC-style thinking to philanthropic and socially responsible activism, with special focus on driving results and applying the best private-sector thinking to the public good. All the same, The Tumor is a fine example of a novel development in ebooks – big author name coupled with good cause levered through a free ebook. Grisham’s book looks to fall squarely into that bracket, with a unique spin on using free ebooks and the power of a bestselling name to promote a life-saving new technology.
I am completely prepared to believe that John Grisham has no financial interest whatsoever in focused ultrasound, and is acting purely in the spirit of effective altruism.

Yet he is lending the power of his name and his prestige to a specific medical technology, and the language the whole exercise is framed in reads like straight marketing hype. According to other reports, he is on the board of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, but once again, he very likely is there just to promote what he sees as pure public benefit.
Maybe that’s what Grisham and the Foundation feel is needed to get the message across. And I’d hesitate to be even the slightest bit snarky around something as literally life-or-death as cancer therapy.

But I also know how strict and systematic the whole FDA approval process is for medical devices and new medical technologies.

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