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The past several (SEVERAL!) Woogie Wednesdays have consisted of deadlines for me or the Woog helping me measure, paint and whatnot in the new studio. Well, the block was finished up yesterday and I think the next step is a drainage system and insulation on the block. Well, digging started:And after 10 day and 18 truckloads of dirt, excavation is finally done!Wow, I never imagined there would be so much dirt!
This week, the hero of the week in the Woog's class is Vincent van Gogh, so we did a little Woogie Wednesday project to learn more about him.
We're all getting ready for our first family vacation next week and the above is from today's Woogie Wednesday.
I love when you just stick stuff on a scanner, do a little in photoshop and it becomes something cool. We're currently working on our Woogie Wednesday project over here, but thought I'd share this. We didn't get a chance for Woogie Wednesday yesterday, so we worked on our quick project today. It's Woogie Wednesday again and today we've been working on our handmade gifts from the Woog to go with our handmade Christmas.Earlier this morning we had a "photo shoot" for her Daddy's gift and for some reason she has started flashing this really sqwinchie smile when I take a picture. I wish I had taken a before picture but under the top cabinet was another cabinet that I took out, tiled the "backsplash" area (to match the rest of the kitchen I did a few weeks ago), patched up the wood floor where the cabinet was, cut a hole in the wall and put my door up.
I've given myself a deadline of Thanksgiving to have the entire thing done, inside and out.
Nine days away from the first day of Kindergarten so to celebrate (and help us both get prepared & excited) we're doing school themed art everyday until THE day! I wish the snowfall lasted longer but it should stick around on the ground for the next day or so.
The Woog had problems hanging her pictures on the wall today ("They won't stick!" which is pretty much the reason she is using painter's tape.
The Woog received some pretty awesome hair accessories for Christmas and we needed to make a special holder for them. But now, since the studio is done, this is the first Woogie Wednesday and really the first kind of art (besides those 60 illustrations I had due yesterday) that was done in the studio.

My pain only last a few days and it was horrible.My most comfortable pair of sneakers are not good working shoes.
Now I just have to put in a little bit of base board and shoe mold and it will be all done. We had a setback last week when we were told we had to dig out our hill behind the studio so we had to get that done before we moved forward with anything else. The Woog had activities all week at school and today they were to come as one of his characters so, I sent her off with a wocket in her pocket. These will appear in an assignment I'm working on and also future pattern designs for licensing. Otherwise I'd be peeling off masking tape from the wall along with nice chunks of paint) so she decided to make a small gallery on the floor. All the w's are chipboard pieces that I bought on etsy.Oh, and Happy Tax day to those in the US (or at least try and make it happy)! We started a project this morning but she was done done about 15 minutes into it, which had kind of happened on and off this year. Here's our materials:*still working on lighting in my studio for picturesAnd here's how it turned out:These are all from Pretty In Paper and I love, love, love them!! And, since we've started late in the day it will continue into a Woogie weekend.Today, we are working on our Christmas card.
We might have to take another day trip to IKEA to fill it up.Yesterday the rafters went up. Ground should be broken tomorrow or Friday (depending on when the utilities finish up marking the lines) and it will be off and going. Ironically, I was going through the pictures on my iphone the other day and found several I took while at the Met last summer.
In one week (via a facebook & twitter campaign) they were able raise $7,000 and receive $2000 in skymiles.
I'm thinking I should change the structure of WW and just do other creative things besides making art. She made several drawings of heads and then started drawing apples (with arms and legs) like crazy.

It's been rainy this week and my contractor's due to have a baby tomorrow so they'll be some delays, but we're so close too getting in all dried in. I think it's her best portrait yet and it's the first time I've noticed eyebrows on her drawings.
So, here's one thing we did today:We FINALLY (sorry to the ones on the list!) got around to putting on our traveling tail and taking a picture. I guess we both have birds on the mind today.She starts picking out which parts will be what and paints the head, beak and paper punches random bits, while I paint the background. The Woog loved our magnet project this summer so we are making a magnet set entitled "Smiles of 2007":And then I had to figure out what I could make for my cousin's tween boys. I had a tiffany blue paint swatch for 2 years knowing that it would be the color of my studio someday, but I really wanted a warm and cozy space, so I decided to go with a green instead. I'm still feeling overwhelmed with it all and really need to buckle down and crank some new work out to show.
You can check out everything here.This may be my last post before the new year, but I might pop in at some point. I have a list of work still due, a couple of gifts to make and this huge one to tackle:There are about a million shingles to stain! When I was in Orlando once I saw one of his taxidermy pieces and thought they were awesome. I found a cool flickr stream with pictures from the Seuss exhibit at Fresno Metropolitan Museum:photo via jentwoMy favorite book of his has to be The Shape of Me and Other Stuff. It was one of the books the Woog always wanted me to read her so I have it all memorized plus I love how Suess-like the simple shapes are.

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