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Newspaper layout templates will come in real handy to fledgling editors and reporters who need help with the basic layout of the paper they want to produce. We have had a lot of people using our editable newspaper powerpoint templates and have had a lot of good feedback.
There have been a few requests to use these in portrait format, so we have converted this popular template so that it prints out well in an A4 format. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it. You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag. Hi, in PowerPoint you should be able to edit all the headings, text and change the pictures. Hi Anna, Yes all the presentation are currently only done in PowerPoint however other people have mentioned that they would be great in Word and so it’s something we are looking into for the future. Just to clear the confusion, cos I myself didnt know how to edit these slides, first click on the link given, then instead of clicking open, click save first.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Whether a digital eNewspaper, a personal newspaper or large run newspaper for or about business, please join us for tricks of the trade to publish your newspaper for free or profit. General Newspaper Templates Click on any template below to open in our Free Cloud Newspaper Designer. One of three inside or back page templates that match the Modern Spacious Front Page template.
This front page template combines both old and new school thinking in terms of layout and fonts. Second in a set of three inside or back pages that match the 3 Column Front Page of the Modern Old School template.
A current trend in design and fonts, try this template for an updated look to your newspaper. Continuing with the Sans Serif Style, this inside or back page fits thematically with the front page template. Page 4 of the 3 inside pages for the Sans Serif Style templates matching the front page of the same name.

Perfect template with modern themes for starting or continuing a community or neighborhood newspaper. Second inside or back page template of the Open Plan themed templates for a community newspaper.
The best thing about the newspaper templates that we provide is that they will always be available free.
Also there is free training for Microsoft Word or Adobe Indesign available so you can easily learn how to edit your template. Hope you enjoy editing this template and it helps you get rig of the extra work of making a newspaper from scratch.
If you are less experienced in making newspaper designs and would like to use a quality newspaper template, which is free by the way, to get cool results with your homework or school project for example, then this is your template right here.
This is a 2 part template (you can see the preview images provided) – some as this other template here. A template for microsoft Word that looks very professional is sure to bring you success and is available for free. Whether it’s for a school or a community, the budget is likely rather low for new producers of this age old form of media, so these free templates can help in getting you started.
But it would only open in PowerPoint and I wanted it in a word document so I had to copy each bit individually. In this webinar, we'll explain what it is, how to create it and how to use it with social media, emails, blogs to websites and so much more.
Great for community and specialized or niche newspapers where revenue comes through selling ads. We have the best newspaper template PowerPoint that you can download and use for your next presentation.
Don’t worry about the layout and design issues, just fill it in with your articles and pictures.
Can also be used for sports newspaper template or other niches, like cooking book template, community newsletter template. Nothing beats a well designed newspaper template which you can edit in a few minutes to suit your needs.
Hope you like the colors, but if you don’t, you can change them to whatever you like.

You can make use of one these templates by customizing it as it is, or just use it as a kind of example to build your own around. What matters is that you are just a few minutes away to downloading the best newspaper templates Power Point for your next project. Presentations are a powerful methods of communicating to an audience. This is made for Microsoft Word so its very easy to edit, as easy as selecting the textboxes and replacing the content – the included text boxes have no borders around them and background color so they fit in the newspaper just right. Nevertheless it’s a valuable resource for school projects, school teachers wanting to get the word out, community newspapers and more.
This will be a good middle school newspaper, summer school newspaper or high school newspaper. Same goes for the text and newspaper layout, you can replace or edit that with the simple use of Word. This means that you only need to have access to a stable connection so that you download what pleases you most. Similar procedure for the pictures, you only remove the placeholder pictures already provided in there (they are just examples to illustrate how things would finally look) and insert your own photos. This newspaper template has editable areas, such as titles, headlines, articles, author name, places to insert pictures in.
This newspaper template is very useful for school projects, classroom teaching, making a newsletter and more. It could take quite some time to create a presentation in the form of a newspaper layout from scratch. This template is made in Microsoft Word, that means you can edit it very easy, even if you don’t know much about design or newspapers in fact.
You have to think of the best layout on this so you can be sure you are going to be doing quite a lot of thinking. You don’t need to know much about design, nothing about programming and all the boring stuff to edit this template.
All you need is a creative mind when writing your articles – and insert them in the template.

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