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Because these counties are so good at releasing their information, Florida public records almost always contain all of the information you are looking for, and those records are kept accurate and up to date. None of the information offered by this site can be used for assessing or evaluating a person's eligibility for employment, housing, insurance, credit, or for any other purpose covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The most common use for public arrest records is as a component of a criminal background check. All Records Search™ is the premiere free arrest records search provider where it’s ALWAYS free to search and ALWAYS cost-effective to download whatever state or federal arrest warrants or records that you need. ARS is among the most comprehensive, most powerful and easiest to use multi-database search platforms in America; it also happens to be the most affordable. Employers who run free background checks on potential employees can use the ARS free arrest records search online to run a nationwide search for federal arrest records, state arrest records and municipal police arrest records and instantly find out if the employee qualifies for the job. Free public arrest records contain a wealth of information about criminal history as it relates to an individual being placed under arrest for any reason.
Any good quality criminal background check will include a public arrest record search and with most places, it is now standard procedure to run such a check prior to extending an offer of employment; primarily for employee safety as well as to avoid future liability issues and costly litigation.
An arrest record includes biographical information including the age when an individual committed the crime. With ARS technology you can run a state or federal arrest inquiry and search online for police arrest records nationwide to get background information on people you are connected with, or even on a pool of potential employees.
State criminal records and police arrest records, along with inmate records, jail records and prison records, are stored in counties and state repositories.
Employers can use these records to assist them with hiring and termination of employees, although certain restrictions are implemented to avoid abusing the information.
Police arrest records consist of violations and records of committed crimes such as minor infractions, felonies, traffic violations, criminal misdemeanors and drugs and alcohol-related incidents.
The information supplied in the police arrest record can be used in future hearings, or to dispute the charges filed in the court.
Now you can review billions of public records, conduct in-depth research and even order background checks right from your desk.

All Records Search™ is the premiere free public records search provider where it’s ALWAYS free to search and ALWAYS cost-effective to download whatever information you need.
Ever since the internet became popular, there have been rumors that public records are free and that anyone can simply jump online and with a couple of keystrokes, every shred of information and every public record in existence will suddenly, magically appear on screen, available for free, instant download. The rumor of 100% free public records available online is absolutely, unequivocally a MYTH.
ARS is among the most comprehensive research platforms on the internet so you can access billions of public records including government, military, birth and death, marriage and divorce, criminal, court, arrest, DUI & drug, police, jail, prison and inmate records, vital records and much more including access to massive, constantly evolving databases for ancestry, genealogy and family tree research and the national sex offenders registry.
Most companies (and many individuals) have made the logical, understandable decision that they can no longer afford to be in the dark in terms of who they associate with, who they conduct business with, to whom they grant access to their homes, children, finances and businesses and who they trust, hire and employ. A litany of dishonesty, deception and unprecedented acts of violence sweeping through schools, colleges and the workplace, secret affiliations with hate and terror related groups, stress-fueled workplace crimes and violence, shootings, sexual assaults and date-rape, arrests for battery, child abuse, drugs, DUI, financial and computer crimes, domestic violence, theft, fraud and sex offenders living amongst us; the list just seems to go on and on. The takeaway for employers is that with this new reality comes a new responsibility, and a whole new world of liability if they’re foolish enough to ignore it.
Our people search capabilities include people finder, address search, classmate finder, email address search, phone number search, reverse phone, address and email lookup plus the national sex offenders registry. Several companies try to judge the transparency of the city, state, and county governments based on how much of their documents and records they have been willing to share, and how adequately they've brought those records to the public. Indeed, according to Sunshine Review, a non-profit organization that judges governments on their transparency levels, an amazing 9 different Florida counties received perfect scores out of only 38 total, and an additional 4 received "A's." That's far and away the highest scores for any state, with some states containing zero counties on either list.
That's a good sign for anyone that needs Florida public records for their research, and it shows that the state is quite willing to supply information without secrecy.
With it, you will enjoy unlimited access to an unprecedented collection of accurate, up-to-date information and public records on virtually anyone, anytime. Also, it contains information about the law enforcement officer and the agency that arrested the person, plus the date, time and circumstances surrounding the arrest. Our comprehensive DateMate product combines our Advanced Background Check with a statewide criminal check and our Enhanced Marriage and Divorce Search.
Federal criminal records, on the other hand, are crimes committed at federal levels such as drug trafficking.

An employer can use arrest records to know if the applicant has any pending charges or prior arrests or convictions in the past.
All these kinds of arrest and imprisonment are accounted whether the person is convicted or proven innocent. It can be also the case’s key document if an arresting officer or law enforcement arrested a person unlawfully. From this portal you can run a variety of free searches and background checks and access billions of public records and other personal information on virtually anyone. WITH ARS YOU’LL GET UNLIMITED FREE SEARCH ON BILLIONS OF RECORDS, plus you can download an unlimited number of records for less than the cost of a single record in many states.
Our user interface is simple to use and lets you search, find and download the exact information you need quickly and confidentially; all from the privacy and security of your home or office.
With the emergence of the internet comes the ease and convenience of affordable, reliable, good quality criminal background checks so, in recent years, they have become the rule rather than the exception. Make no mistake; you are surrounded by people who wish to keep their secrets a secret from you. Access all public records including court, criminal, arrest, marriage, divorce, birth, death, phone, address records and much more!
Many states and county governments have fallen far short of the degree of transparency that these companies would like, with a surprising amount of failing counties. In a nutshell, you’ll get a complete, reliable, cost-effective and up-to-date search every time. For this reason, criminal background searches are now considered standard procedure during the hiring process and are regarded much like insurance – simply a cost of doing business to protect against the unforeseen.
Best of all, you’ll avoid having to pay for dozens of individual per-record fees, per-use fees, access fees or download fees.

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