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Super Street Fighter includes the 25 fighters from the last game, in addition to 10 new fighters. More than just adding new fighters, Capcom went back and reworked the original characters, as well, not only tweaking their balance, but also adding to their arsenal by adding or enhancing a number of their moves. Now, when talks of expanding SFIV first came up last year, it was discovered that Capcom was working on 10 new fighters, but had said they’re projecting to add 6-8 new characters.

Later on, Super SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono did say that perhaps they may use a total of 10 fighters if the fan reaction was big enough. The reasoning for the uncertainty is due to the length and difficulty it takes to design and implement a fighter into the game, all the while making sure the balance of the fights remains as perfect as possible.
Capcom not only achieved preserving the balance, but they did end up adding two more fighters to their initial projection.

First off, he’s about 50lbs overweight, and bears the most ridiculous and uncanny resemblance to Steven Seagal.

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